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What is an Atom?

Atom can neither be created nor be if its not been created then how the term Atom is coming up...what is atom then?i am not asking for defination...just curious enough for an explanation:)

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    May 28 2014: Hi, Are you sure you mean to atom and not electron ?? Because atoms can be destroyed//changed. In the Nuclear reactions atoms of heavier elements are split into other atoms. In fusion reactions lighter atoms join together and create heavier atoms. Other thing is that we know what is atom made of -- it's almost all made of space. It's nucleus is very tiny relative to it's entire volume and the mass of electrons is negligible. Perhaps protons and electrons can be created in particle accelerators. You might want to ask what the protons and electrons are made of. There's a theory that the protons are made of quarks, but nobody has ever seen any quark and it does not seem that anybody will ever see it in the seeable future. Nobody knows what the electrons are truly made of. What scientist can merely say that it's made of somekind of (????) statistical cloud (????) of an unknown substance (????).
  • May 28 2014: An atom is a model.

    The physical thing that we use the atom model to describe CAN be created and destroyed. It just takes a bit of fiddling (and energy).
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    May 28 2014: Anuttam,
    All the matter in the universe was created in the first moments after the big bang when pure energy condensed into matter and antimatter. Most of the matter and antimatter collided and was converted back to energy, but for reasons too complicated to go into here slightly more matter than antimatter was created, so there was a "little bit" of matter left over. That was hydrogen, and from it were created all the stars and galaxies that we can see around us.
    The greeks and hindus gave us philosophical atomism. And of course from Lavoisier to Dalton, JJ Thomson, Rutherford ,Bohr,Broglie & Shrodinger & others have given us evidence based theories regarding atoms and its building blocks.
    Matter is "created" in particle accelerators (well, transformed ) from high levels of energy, after all matter is "frozen" energy.
  • May 27 2014: "Energy can be neither created nor destroyed, but can change form"
    We used to think that atom was the smallest unit. Then we discovered a nucleus (protons, neutrons and circling electrons).
    By splitting the nuclei we get fission (atomic energy, bombs)
    By fuseing two nuclei together we get fusion (like the sun, possible energy source)
    At CERN they are discovering particles so small they travel right through atoms which are mostly space.
    My question? I want to know more about particles that can and are traveling right through my body, stopping for nothing, at all times?