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to save the world isn't a impossible feat of engineering

I've got ideas but I'm in need of competence and finance which I have none essentially my mission in life is to bring us to a post scarcity future. I'll admit what got me thinking about the subject was out of greed and personal gain but I believe I've seen past that now.

Commitment to growth.
Open minds.
Full and serious attention.
Further expansion of quality infrastructure.

Why? To save the world while turning a profit simultaneously stimulating growth and providing quality employment.
Customers? Every god damn one

power,food fresh water all from one place that can be built in every population center for compared to the gains bugger all in costs. going to talk with the commonwealth bank for some tips. already contacted local members and some of the university members.


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    Jun 7 2014: Patrick, that is very smart to talk with people local to you who can tell you what a business plan or proof of concept needs to look like for anyone to want to invest in your project. The more specific you can be, the more it looks like you might know what you are doing. What is also probably important for a project involving technology or engineering is that you have a team with resumes that suggest that the team has the skills to do what you propose.

    An alternative is seeking financing from your family and friends, who may not need to be convinced that the investment is a good risk.

    You might think of the matter this way. When people are looking to buy a house, they either like to see the house or, for new construction, the plans for the house and maybe other houses that builder has built. If you just say you have for sale a cool house in a nice place where any family would be very happy to live, that is probably not enough to open the wallet of prospective buyers. This is true even if the buyer is interested in purchasing a cool house in a nice place where any family would be happy to live.

    There are lots of proposals like yours across the internet and many have been shared here. When I write proposals like yours, they are proposals of providing clean power, fresh water, sustainable living, a fun work environment for intrinsically motivated people, cool places to live and play, often some sort of democratic decision-making, good local schools with small classes that cultivate creativity, and so forth. This sounds lovely to everyone, but without something more concrete, it is impossible for anyone to judge whether there is a viable concrete proposal that gets anyone there.

    I have not visited the site for the Venus Project, but that might be the best known of these proposals.
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      Jun 8 2014: if I say nothing more I say thank-you.
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      Jun 8 2014: I know of Venus and others of it's ilk and in truth it inspired me to not think so small and to my failing I believe I think to big now. clean fresh water, food, energy they are my goals I shall do my best to make things better not only for my country but for technocrats around the globe.

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