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We need another renaissance soon

While human civilization was choking under the strong fist of religious rule , renaissance came in 14th century & brought fresh air.

Art, literature, science etc progressed at greater speed enjoying freedom and enriched the treasure of art , literature in one hand on the other scince brought the industrial revolution.

Do you feel similar choking time human civilization passing due to different reason like , prevailing unrest at different parts of the world . In this era of connectivity unrest of any part can create imbalance to other parts as well. If feel so , do you think we need another renaissance soon ?


Closing Statement from Salim Solaiman

The time we are passing by not the one that all compassionate human being look for. Peace is at stake in different part of the world , while with ever improved connectivity in any unstabilty anywhere impacts one or the other way the whole world.
People uprise in Middle East against tyrant, riot in London, henious killing of innocent people in Norway, struggle of bearing day to day bills by majority of US pepople, as usual plight of palestinians ...... there are so many......

In such situtation it seems to me we need another Renaissance , a Ranaissance of internet age to give the power centers an wake up call for the sake of humanity.

Contributors here agreed almost unanimously about that. Many thought internet itself is that Renaissance, but IU feel thats the vehicle to bring and spread renaissance in every corner of the world with enormous speed unlike the last one that happened in Europe.

Friends thanks for your thoughts and contribution..... people like you really will make that happen one day sooner or later.

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    Apr 29 2011: I agree. Even if we have doing giant step in technology our economic and social systems have remain stagnant. For example, in medicine the ethic is way behind compare to what we can do. The " I will prescribe regimens for the good of my patients according to my ability and my judgment and never do harm to anyone." Oath is some times not so harmless. I believe we are at the end of the productivity era. Time for the ideology production era.
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      Apr 29 2011: I can't agree more. Yes social media & internet boom will be great tool to do so, but we need a "giant step" (beautifully coined really) forward to shift our thinking process and value system. Bio-ethics definitely one area to focus.

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