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how to safe indonesian waters from illegal fishing?

Illegal fishing is now out of control. ocean has been poisoned and bombed every minute, police and navy have been behind this in Indonesia. i'm so sad finding my favourite beach i used to visit every Sunday became badly devastated.

  • May 25 2014: You may want to contact Captain Paul Watson and or the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. They are doing great work all over the world in Ocean conservation. They come in and film stuff and then expose the criminals to the media worldwide, they also intervene where they can and have the muscle and experience to effect real change.
    However the easiest way is to catch them in the act and point your 9mm at them, if they don't get the message, accidently wound them and make them jump overboard, let nature take it's course. After the sharks and barracuda are through they will sink to the bottom where the crabs will finish the job. If you also accidently sink the boat it will make a nice home for hundreds of fish and other creatures. It's a win win situation, society wins and nature wins, karma rules once again.
  • May 22 2014: Everone: come to my country and I will show you how they make explosive powder,and show you how they detonate these bomb. And here people dive bringing a bottle of liquid poison to catch lobsters, but the reef dies out and washed to the beach
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      May 22 2014: Video it and put it up on youtube, go to all the places that is dying and document it. Talk to people who know these areas, marine biologists, coast guards, anyone. Use the power of the video, catch people in the act. Poison? used on lobster? That feels like men who have no regard for anything anymore, the worst part of our nature unleashed, what is truly sad is we all can go to that level.

      Catch people taking marine life using the methods you state even if it's not against the law in Indonesia the mere fact that you are videoing them and putting them up on the tube will eventually get noticed. Do you love your waters? Then you've got to put yourself on the line. It's there for us to use but it's also there for the unborn. The oceans just didn't show up one day out of the blue and was given to us to use as a throw away toy, it was here before us.
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    May 22 2014: By letting your waters become barren. Concentrate on gathering what you can and put them in areas where you will not tolerate any fishing. Reserves is your only hope, special farms where companies pay to have your stock reseed the areas that have been put aside for it but your country needs to set aside areas for reserves first and enforce the no fishing laws with big guns otherwise watch as Indonesia loses it's natural fish sources and environments. If you guys don't start now then in 30 years you could lose it all. I know what it's like to swim in areas where it looks like it was bombed by aircraft and nothing living, not a thing. Don't look to the world to help but instead start your own campaign. It all starts with just one person and it can take the rest of your life.
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    May 20 2014: how has illegal fishing poisoned the ocean? How has illegal fishing led to the ocean being bombed? How did illegal fishing lead to your favorite beach becoming badly devastated?
    • May 20 2014: I guess you have never been dynamite fishing? You take a stick or more of dynamite, attach the fuse, soak the connection in wax or hot glue, attach a weight (rock or metal), light the fuse and then throw it into the water and it sinks to the bottom. Moving out of the way would be a good idea about now. When the dynamite goes off the concussion either kills or confuses the fish and they float to the top. Gather up the fish with your nets, end of sad story.
      We also have corporate ships that put weights on huge super strong nets and drag them along the bottom which not only catches tons of fish they do not want and throw away but destroys the bottom coral, food and shelter the fish use. Kind of like killing the chicken to get the one egg. Really, really stupid behavior.

      As far as his beaches, the dead fish they throw away probably wash up on the beach and stink pretty bad.
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        May 21 2014: haven't been much fishing period. I can believe something called dynamite fishing exists, Keith. But it can't be that common, can it, otherwise wouldn't I see information about it in media, on television, or in newspapers, or hear about it on radio?
        • May 21 2014: If you were raised in the city, that would explain why you have not heard of it. Not to many people play with dynamite in the city, but in the country it is quite common as their is plenty of wide open space. Farmers use dynamite to blast through rock or to blow up tree stumps and miners use dynamite constantly. Using it for fishing is bad but it happens and of course it is illegal but in the country things are only illegal if you get caught and then it depends on whether the person who caught you is a friend or friend of a friend, if you know what I mean.
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        May 22 2014: so were you raised in the country, Keith? Whereabouts?
        • May 22 2014: My dad was in the army, I was raised in Washington state, Japan, Florida, Alabama and then Utah by the age of six. It was Utah where I played with dynamite found in deserted old mining camps. I started a band in high school and for entertainment we would blow up deserted houses and cabins and steal gas on the weekends as we drove around in an old 57 Ford. There was only 5,000 (all white, bigotry was alive and well) people in our whole valley, almost everyone farmed and had acreage. In those days if the kids got into trouble they just got there ass kicked, no one went to jail. If you caused trouble at school you got a spanking there and when you got home you got a worse one. A typical red neck Mormon town, I couldn't wait to leave, I ran away several times as a kid. Back to the subject, there are a lot of horrific ways to kill fish and animals and horrific stupid people will do anything for money.
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        May 22 2014: well, that's a real slice of life, Keith. I have heard that people in rural areas sometimes struggle with boredom. So I guess blowing things up might dissipate that. I grew up in the suburbs and we were somewhat fascinated with firecrackers, which would be minor dynamite. So where would you get the dynamite, can anyone buy it or do you have to be of age? But you might not see girls using dynamite, it seems more like a male thing, I wonder why? I don't know, getting a spanking sounds better than going to jail to me, you disagree?

        Somehow your points remind me of a family friend who was a "foley artist." He added sound effects to movies. He could break sounds down nicely, he could take an explosion and break it down instant by instant as to what was happening sound-wise, from inception to diedown.
  • May 20 2014: Eat plant based food. Stop eating fish. The reason they do it is because "YOU" pay for it.
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    May 20 2014: Our oceans have been "poisoned". Have we reached the point of no return?
  • May 19 2014: Sink all boats that engage in illegal fishing and finish off the survivors in the water.
  • May 15 2014: badly disappointed to Indonesian government about fishing policy.