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It is easier to become negative and to misbehave then it is to behave and follow rules.

Many people nowadays are afraid to become a positive leader. Why can someone do something that is negative and not have the slightest thought of "why did I do that" or "What will happen if I get caught". However, on the flip side others find it hard to behave because religion,the way they grew up etc. all have an effect on why they con or can't do bad.
Why is it so hard for people to do bad then for people to behave and do good?

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    May 16 2014: Elijah,
    You have made a very broad statement.....
    "It is easier to become negative and to misbehave then it is to behave and follow rules."

    Do you believe that? You say you are a "motivational speaker". How does a statement like that motivate people?

    You also write....
    "Why is it so hard for people to do bad then for people to behave and do good?"

    Do you believe that statement?

    I suggest that those who choose behaviors that are less useful to themselves and society, have not given it too much thought or feeling process. They sometimes want instant gratification no matter what the cost to themselves or others.
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      May 17 2014: Colleen Steen ,
      After many conversations with others about this debate I do have an extra eye on what my statement could really mean or involve.

      I do believe that it is easier to misbehave because all you know is what you want you are going to get. NO religion, NO morals, NO hard thinking you just know what you want and probably how you are going to get it. It's harder to behave and to do right because you would have to follow rules even when you think the person who made it is just crazy. There are a copious amount of factors that could be played in this that most likely wouldn't be played if you have a fixed mindset of what you want to do.

      I try not to motivate too much on my beliefs Colleen because it could offend someone who is listening. However, at the same time I would take some opinions and give mine. I would explain why I think it does and how can we trigger our thoughts to more of the positive side and not fight the urges of the negative side.

      I do agree with your last statement and thank you for the questions they help as well.
      • May 17 2014: Maybe there are no mirrors in your home, because sooner and later because of a natural law called karma, you will answer to your own deeds, actions and words. Colleen is absolutely right as always and your statement indicates very little self respect. If you are interested in improvement I would suggest some reading and study of karma, love and compassion. Buddha, Confucius and the Dalia Lama would be a good place to start, however "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Paramahansa Yogananda has been an excellent guide for me. Exercise is also very important to physical and mental health and Yoga is the best way I have found.
        “You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection”- Buddha
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    May 20 2014: Why is it so hard for people to do bad than for people to behave and do good? Elijah Lewis

    The short answer, Mr. Lewis, HUMAN NATURE.
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    May 19 2014: Perhaps we have been conditioned to question the morals and ethics .... the work ethic is on very thin ice ... why would I want to work when I can receive thousands of like dollars in "free" goods and services ... why not appease my urges ... the president of the US can have sex with a subordinate in the Oval Office and get a slap on the wrist and not even a divorce or seperation .... why be honest when lies and hidden truths will get you what you want knowing that the cost of insurance will go up three or four times and middle and lower class will be without as soon as the supplemental payments stop .... why have empathy when you can have a photo op to rile against Boco Haram but not tell the people you had the power to put them on the Terrorist List and refused for political purposes in a upcoming election.

    Choosing the right is not always popular and often a very tough thing to do ... but it does have one great benefit .... when I look into the mirror I can say that I did the honest and honorable thing .... I chose the right.

    A young man, who I had never met but had heard of, ask my daughter to prom. I ask him why. He ran with a fast crowd of cheerleaders and the "popular" girls ... so why not ask them to prom. He said they were loose and party people but not the ones he want to have a photo with for all times in the yearbook ... or would he want for a wife.

    At issue is the lack of conscience ... and in some instances the lack of consequences. If a student wants kicked out of school ... and we do it .... who won and who lost?

    The world is changing ... but is that a good thing?

    Be well. Bob.
  • May 19 2014: Human behavior changes with genetics, age, experience and environment. Right and wrong are defined situationally. Negativity and misbehavior do not require knowledge of a situation or its rules. I can ignore your rules and stomp all over your situation without having to learn a thing. Easy.
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    May 18 2014: It is not helpful to define behavior in terms of good or bad, although this is what society has done. We all do things to get what we want. Some of our methods are deemed "illegal" or "wrong", others "right" or "acceptable". If I'm starving, the only difference between me paying for an apple and just grabbing it and walking away, is society's conceptualization of my actions. I am called a "thief" and I should be arrested-I have behaved "badly".

    Behaviors are "easier" based on the amount of effort they require. It is easier to steal than to wait in line and pay. Then why don't we all grab what we want and save our money? The environment that we have grown up in is key here. There are many communities where using guns to solve problems is much more acceptable than it is in other areas. How we behave as adults depends highly on what we have experienced till then. Have we seen people being "bad" to get what they want and getting away with it? Or have we seen people get arrested or lose their jobs contingent upon "bad" behavior?

    It does not help us to define people or behaviors in such a black and white way.
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      May 18 2014: I loved everything that you just said. I cannot say that I don't agree with you. I do think that it not only depends on people's perspective but I also think that this involved more of what you think what is good or bad. Some think smoking can be good, others not so much for example. I do agree with you and my favorite part about what you said was:
      "Behaviors are "easier" based on the amount of effort they require."
      in which not everybody sees. Good Job and Thank You!!
  • May 18 2014: I think there are several factors:

    1. the level of "bad",
    2. penalty of getting caught, and
    3. the probability of being caught.

    Lets use an example, anyone who has been in battle will tell you that you fight for the guys next to you and to stay alive. The urge to run is always there but most will not due to enormity of failing the man next to you.
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      May 18 2014: Wayne,

      Then what are some factors that people think about when they are trying to behave and do what they are suppose to.
      • May 18 2014: supposed to? Doesn't depend upon the individual and the society they are in?

        1. The rules of society the individual has accepted
        2. The amount of effort versus the "goodness" of the reward. i.e. A cashier by accident gives you the wrong change, say two dollar bills stuck together. If you discover it before you leave, most people would return the dollar. If you discover the mistake when you get home, is the effort worth going back to return the dollar.
      • May 18 2014: Elijah,

        On a slightly different note, do you believe in absolutes? I do not.
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          May 18 2014: What do you mean by absolutes? Wayne
      • May 18 2014: absolute good/bad
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    May 17 2014: For record the statement it is easier to misbehave and harder to be good was a statement that was asked to me years ago. I have a lot of self respect and is why I have become a motivational speaker in my area. I took the statement and transformed into a question so others can give there opinion on it as well. I think it can is true because people think less and when doin right several factors are involved. If you think that this is what I live by and who I am you are misguided. I took a question that i wanted to see how people would respond and turned it into a healthy debate.
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    May 17 2014: Love it and that made a ton of since Scott. Upringing is the main key. What moral/religious factors play into this if any at all? At the same time I have to play devils avocate. Some people in life have gone years months and maybe even days with abuse and unstructured parents who in which were on drugs on street corners or jus'didnt care. Had been said how do they know and grow up to not only be famous for something but also learn right from wrong when they were never tought.
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    May 16 2014: this is not a black an either/or situation.

    it depends heavily on upbringing/habits, frame of mind at the time, the nature of the 'rules', the purpose of the behaviour beyond simply behaving or misbehaving and the situation it is happening in.

    i don't think it's a choice that gets made and stuck to forever. i would think most people do both.

    sometimes, it's hard to break rules because it's not socially acceptable, even when the rules are stupid and don't deserve to be followed.

    sometimes, it's hard to do the right thing when everyone else is breaking the rules.
  • May 16 2014: I think that like many things, behavior and thought process that guides our choices, are a matter of habits we have created. If we choose to do the "right" thing for a long time, its easier to be positive and "behave" and/or follow the rules, breaking rules is difficult for a lot of people out there that have never done it before. If, on the other hand, we are in the habit of acting carelessly and thoughtlessly, breaking rules (or laws) without pause, then yes, it would be easier to "become negative and to misbehave then it is to behave and follow rules."
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      May 17 2014: What do you mean by 'habits we created'? Habits each individual grows and creates or habits that everyone grows up because we were born, raised and tought a certain way? Do you think that an individual can behave for a long time without doing something bad...even if its small like the speed limit, not wearing a seat belt? Also can you be positive and still be negative?
      • May 17 2014: I would have to say that its our choices that form our habits. How we are raised has an effect on us without question, but I think there's a difference between being told what's right (our upbringing) and deciding for ourselves(which over time creates habits and tendencies) to act in a positive and constructive way. Absolutely to your last two sentences. In fact, because the last sentence is true, we are all a mix of positive and negative, the second to last sentence is possible.

        I think a big difference between being trained to behave and creating the habit of positive behavior over time by making positive choices is the strength of its influence on our decision making. I think that though training can be powerful, our habits and tendancies are much stronger. After all, what is the ego besides a collection of habits, tendancies, and memories?
  • May 16 2014: Unfortunately DNA is not designed for static reality. Life evolves and we became human by exception to normalcy.

    Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad, all changed the world by breaking the norm and not be bound by it.

    Good or bad is not clear cut. What is right and just to Palestinian is threat to Jews of their security.
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      May 17 2014: So what I believe that you are saying is religion can be affected by this and my right is not your right. The right thing for example is marry opposite sex but others would thing that same sex marriage is or could be considered right.
      • May 17 2014: Elijah:

        Your understanding of my post is correct.
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    R H

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    May 15 2014: I would say that 'bad' behavior is so easy because it's usually completely self serving at the expense of someone/thing else. It's 'easier' to lie and get an immediate desired outcome than to be truthful and deal with consequences or delays. It's easier to steal than to earn. It's easier to drug or rape than to woo. It's easier to use greater might than to negotiate and relinquish. It's easier to over-mine, deforest trees, dump secretly into the waters than to plan a long term strategy. It's easier to smoke and drink than to work out. And it's much easier to make fun of and ridicule others than it is to say I love you and I want to be your friend. Just my opinion...
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      May 15 2014: If everyone were to follow how wpuld that impact the world. Are there any negative affects for everyone doing whats right.
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        R H

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        May 16 2014: I assume when you say "...doing whats right." you mean not doing 'bad' things, rather than some predetermined definition of 'what's right'. Given that, we would not need many police, not much welfare or social services, would not need large gov't, would not need armed forces, would not need Environmental Protection Agencies, would not need Human Rights Coalitions. We would need massively greater education, universal health care, and greater infrastructure. I wonder if an economist would do a cost analysis of what we have now vs. what could be, and what that would look like?
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          May 16 2014: I agree with the statement "I wonder if an economist would do a cost analysis of what we have now vs. what could be, and what that would look like?". I do think however, that in the process of debating whether or not you should do something I do think mood has something to do with it as well. If my parents says "Don't eat the cookies 'til dinner" I now know the law. Now I'm thinking I want the cookie but I can't have any and I don't want to get into trouble. But on the other hand, mom made me mad so now I don't care what she thinks and I'm going to do what I want to do and eat a cookie when I was originally told to not eat them.
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        R H

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        May 17 2014: Is it 'mood' or a decision? I'll eat the cookie because it tastes good and I like them and I want one now vs. I know my parents want the best for me so I will trust their judgement and wait. We choose. Do I do what I want regardless of the consequences or do I decide to consider the full ramifications of my decision and the impact on the world around me? Aw hell, it's just a cookie, I think I'll take two. :)
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          May 17 2014: several points made. However, I do believe it can be both if not on or another. I thinl age is a aor part of this too. The reason for me saying this is because what older or even younger child thinks, "i know my parents want the best for me so I trust their judgement ".
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    May 15 2014: which is it elijah in your headline you say it's easier to be bad, but in your last sentence you say it's harder for people to be bad.
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      May 15 2014: Thank you Greg. But why do you think its harder for people to just follow rules then to misbehave. What major factors play into the thought process of choosing whether or not you should do right or wrong.
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        May 16 2014: I don't know if it is, Elijah. In America we have three million people in jail or prison, that's out of a population of 300,000,000. So that means one out of 100 people is in jail or prison, if we think it's the people in jail or prison who break the rules, that means one out of 100 is a rule-breaker?

        Occasionally you might see people break the rules because they think they're special. Or they think if they break the rules and get away with it, they'll become special. Or in some cases they might break the rules and bully people, that might come out of the misery of their own lives, their own lives are miserable so they have to make someone else's life miserable, too. Or maybe they feel superior, or clever, when they break the rules and get away with it. Or maybe they really enjoy the results of breaking the rules, if the rule is you shouldn't eat too much chocolate, some might enjoy chocolate so much that they break the rules and gorge on chocolate.