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harvesting the orbital energy of planets

I am not a physicist I am not a mathematician, I just have a lot of spare time.
Planets orbiting the sun and moons orbiting the planets create kinetic energy, right?

So my idea is:
We could harvest the energy of our planets orbit or even better send satellites to orbit the earth and harvest their kinetic energy and send with microwaves to power plants on earth ( I know that transmitting energy with microwaves is possible with the HAARP project).
The problem is that I cant think of a way to harvest that energy.
One idea is that since the earth magnetic field is not the same everywhere and the satellite is passing through them, they could somehow create energy.

I know its not much and I know its probably impossible but I couldn't hold myself from posting this. I am sorry if I wasted your time in anyway.

  • May 31 2014: Living on a planet that has a single moon and lots of water, we can easily harvest gravitational energy with tidal generators. As long as we have water and the moon, it's extremely reliable, predictable and nearly independent of any external influences like the weather.
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    May 30 2014: An interesting idea is to harvest solar energy via focused mirror arrays turning solar energy into Microwaves and beam them down to a collector array (1/6 of the intensity of noon light) & converted back to electricity and into the grid.The typical system design calls for producing 1.2 to 4.8 gigawatts of electricity for local grids. A thing to look into
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    May 30 2014: It was rumored by conspiracy theorists that Nikola Tesla had created a prototype of a technology similar to this with the Wardencyffe project. The problem with the claims of these conspiracy theorists was that the Wardencyffe tower would require more energy than it could effectively produce/transmit (source:

    Overall, I think that we should continue to focus on improving other forms of sustainable/renewable energy technologies. Perhaps even within our lifetime we will see nuclear fusion power.