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Art, music, literature oh my!

Greetings TEDsters,

I want anyone willing, to post a few things:

- Favorite music genre
- Favorite musician/band
- Favorite painter/poet
- Favorite song(s)
- Favorite book(s)/short-stories

Give a few words on why they are so special to you.

This will be great because I know a lot of TEDsters admire one another on the forums and perhaps this will be a way to get to know one another further.

Music is a big topic on TED for good reason, it is a verbal art, it enhances creative thoughts and/or just relaxes you.

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    Apr 28 2011: Music Genre - NZ Backyard Music/FizzPop/Country-Ska.
    Band - theSlacks ( - it's free, pass it on).
    Poet - Ray Davis (technically a musician but a poet in my eyes).
    Song - this changes all the time but All You Need is Love for the simple message.
    Book - The Hero with 1000 faces. Joseph Campbell.
  • Apr 28 2011: Alternative- Their is such diversity in the genre. No two alternative bands sound exactly the same. (rap and classical are a close second place behind alt.)

    Linkin Park- I like how they produce great beats and rhythms while invoking a lot of passion.
    As far as lone musicians go... Mozart, hands down.

    Rudyard Kipling- "If" is my all-time favorite poem.

    Eh, top 3- Bittersweet Symphony (the verve), Fader (temper trap), and Faint (linkin park). No specific reasons, I just like 'em.

    The Bible- Because of its impact on the world and my life.
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    Apr 28 2011: 1. reggae/ska/classical
    [Reggae, I just find it to be relaxing while having a positive message, and ska more so because I am a little wild, lol. Classical is obvious!]

    2. Band = The Expendables // Musician = Ewan Dobson
    [ //]

    3. Favorite poet is Rexroth but I don't know about painter, that is tough for me.
    [Rexroth puts philosophy into all his art which is what I try to practice]

    4. Too many, but Disney classic songs are still appreciated into my music diet! (anything created before 2000)

    5. Book = "Monkey", there are many stories within stories in that epic tale.
    • Apr 28 2011: Wow, two thumbs up to Ewan Dobson!! Awesome.
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        Apr 29 2011: Yes indeed everyone watch my second link, he is epic.
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          Apr 29 2011: i hated the The Expendables latest album though
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        Apr 29 2011: Didn't check it out, after sacrifice they had me. Rebelution is also my second favorite
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      Apr 30 2011: you know the sound track to Club Paradise..Jimmy Cliff has an amazing song on there..Lion Awakes
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    Apr 29 2011: Thank goodness for a little lightheartedness . . .
    Music: Grant Gordy Quartet (jazzgrass if you will)
    Song: Right now, Lauren's Waltz by Grant Gordy
    Book: The Road . . . oops. . . . there goes lightheartedness.
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      Apr 29 2011: Who is the road by?
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        Apr 29 2011: Cormac McCarthy. It is a post-apocalyptic tale which was awarded the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

        In the book the father tells the son that when he dies, everyone dies with him. I found it profound.
  • Apr 29 2011: Music- I really love acoustic stuff, and indie. Definitely not with the norm of others my age. Favorite artist is Ludovico Einaudi, an italian composer known for simple chord structure and relatively basic songs, but beautiful. There is beauty is simplicity. My favorite song by him is Nuvole Bianche, I'll let you listen to it and you can decide for yourself why. For some reason I enjoy songs with little or no lyrics, its easier to become lost and consumed by the melodies.

    I don't know of many painters or poets, perhaps someone could give me some recommendations!

    Favorite book is a tough one. I find I have very little time to read being bogged down with schoolwork, but the last book I read was Three Cups of Tea, and although there is a great deal of controversy surrounding this book at the moment I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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      Apr 29 2011: My favorite philosophy of writing involves the 'beat generation'

      Anything surrealism based though is great!
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        Apr 30 2011: who, in particular..and what works in particular from the beat generation? ( This is fascinating to me..are others your age also finding resonance with the beat generation?)
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    Apr 29 2011: Music: Predominantly punk rock, I grew up on it and I it is energetic, rebellious music. I like other types of music as well. I personally think this song is pretty brilliant. It's from the documentary The American Ruling Class

    Music is probably the greatest most effective medium for social and political change.

    Literature: I like a lot of the existentialist literature, Sartre, Dostoyevsky and Kafka. But I am not limited to that, I like sci fi, fantasy and horror. HP Lovecraft is another one of my favorite writers as well as JRR Tolkein.

    Surrealist poetry is amazing. Nahum Tschacbasov is great.

    Artists: I don't know too many artists but I definitely appreciate a lot of different art.
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    Apr 29 2011: i am so glad that you asked this question!
    here's mine
    Favorite music genre alternative /folk/acoustic
    - Favorite musician/band coldplay(i love so many other musicians Damien Rice, Jack Johnson,switchfoot,Eugene Francis Jnr,Fiona apple ,Nellie Mckay,Regina Spector,Keane......................)

    - Favorite painter/poet no favorite painter poet yes GuCheng
    - Favorite song(s) scientist (coldplay)
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      Apr 29 2011: The idea Amily! (surprised it didn't exist before)

      Ewan Dobson = trance on acoustic, he will make you silent!

      What happen to books?
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        Apr 29 2011: wow sounds great! i will try Ewan Dobson!
        i read chinese mostly and all the time that people invest into novels i spent them in listening to music!
        favorite book :nameless flower its a poetry collection.
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    Apr 29 2011: 1. punk/ska/drum and bass/hardstyle
    All three keep the typo fast, respect and use other genre and generally break the rules there genre define

    2.Streetlight manifesto/Noisia
    Streetlight manifesto is just beyond words, rest in no one style of music and have a other worldly writer/singer
    Noisia is a electronic music production crew of three from the netherlands, and pretty much can make any kind of music they wish, on top of making some of the best drnb ever produced. they even did a TED talk.,

    3. im going to put M.C. Escher, is pictures just allow the mind to rub freely

    4. all time favorite Somewhere in the between-streetlight manifesto. the lyrics are so uplifitng and put things in perspective

    5. i love stephen kings short story collection Everything Eventual, particulary the story with the same name
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      Apr 29 2011: I thought loved you for no reason!

      explains everything!

      Watch it crash is one of my favorite songs of all time.
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        Apr 29 2011: ya when i saw you liked ska and reggaee i was like, this dude is even cooler!
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    Apr 28 2011: 1. I love & live music and drift happily from one joy to the classical, jazz,african2..of late I am very taken with Sons of the Never Wrong ( sort of new age folk) and John Cage's earlier works..those for modified piano.and totally in love with Bela Flek and his classical collaborations ( with Edgar Meyer)..all time favs..Stephane Grapelli, the McGarrigles & Schmilsson & Buster Poindexter3. paintersoRothko, Matisse, Gaughin, Vermeer poets: rumi, pablo neruda, norman rosten harry smith4: Girl Shanty & Beside you (Sons of the Never Wrong); Fool for You ( Buster Poindexter) Louis Armstrng Singing La Vie En Rose; Drivin Me Crazy ( Dave's True Story) sooo many from Bela Flek & Edgar Meyer...Love theme from Cinema Paradiso, Letter From Home ( Pat Methuen), Bubbles was a Cheerleader ( Pat Williams). Beyond Missouri skies ( Pat Methuen &..?) Coin Operated Boys (Dresden Dolls)..and on and on and joyfuly on and on5. Neurotic Distortion of the Creative Process ( Lawrence appalling title but changed my life); The Golden Bowl ( Henry James); Meditations on the Trot ( Valentin Tomberg ..a work on hermeticism..related to steiner & gurdief..not what you thin of usually in association with the tarot) and Silence by Robert Sardello ( I have reviews up on all but James at Amazon)I think this is great not just by way of further introduction to oneanother but bvecause I belive art, poetry and music are part of our expereience of the sacred and very central to the discovery f the who within..the inner voice ( oh that reminds me..too late to add The Who??? list too long evrything on Who's Next)
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      Apr 29 2011: Got to say it is going to take me a while to file through all of these.

      But, I'll get back to you!
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      Apr 29 2011: Check out poetry from 'beatniks' I promise you you'd love them!

      The 'beat generation' is responsible for inspiring Pink Floyd and the Beatles.
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        Apr 30 2011: that's my era..nicholas..which beats in particular do you like..Ferlinghetti? Ginsberg? and is it becuase their words are about universal conditions..through all time or tht we have come back as culture in some way to what they were writing about?
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          Apr 30 2011: Well your era is responsible for a high majority of bands and musicians (especially rock, jazz, and blues) that exist today. I hope you supported them! I really want a 'beat wave' to happen to this nation with internet installed as well as it is, I mean the philosophies are inspiring. Not enough self expression taking place today, a lack of depth in my opinion plagues my generation.

          Rexroth, Ginsberg, Kat Caverly are my favorite beatnik poets. Beyond a few short stories and poems I haven't watched/read much. There is a lot. Plus I am more interested in modern beatnik art right now, I want to see what people of this era got to say more while maintaining the ideals of beatnikism (so much lingo too). I been reading about what the era did for art, culture, and people-power involving government. All ruined by the 70's - 80's. Art is a tool and not a hobby, an extension of expression not an academic subject.
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        Apr 30 2011: don't know how to make this follow in the right place..I asked because I actually missed most of the beat thoughts and mind were elsewhere..I didn't get it..but all of a sudden I am so in love with Allen speaks to me now..I didn't get it then. and i think it is ot your point in this discussion..the connection between creative intelligent/intellectual process and art.. There is a wonderful documentatry called the Science of Sound that explores this.. One of the ideas presented is that our bodies actually are built to respond to sound..that every cell is tuned to its own harmonic resonance which encourages, strengthens and heals that cell. For me always when I am working n a very complicated problem ( that was my work--complicated problems) music has always been part of gearing up to tackle an opens chanels in me that lets me work more in harrmony with myself..brain, heart will. Poetry and art are a different kind of mystery. I would love to see some science on how that works within us to actually better aline heart, mind and will.
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          Apr 30 2011: yes, art = self reflection :-)

          I am going to check out that movie!

          Thanks Lindsay

          To save room I'll respond here to your other comment:

          ( This is fascinating to me..are others your age also finding resonance with the beat generation?)

          I WISH! A beat wave is what my lack of "in-depth generation" needs.
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        Apr 30 2011: (1) You can find the Science of Sound as an instant play at Netflix I think

        (2) so, in poetry, the Beat Poets..and the lyric of that time..the poetry in the lyric..can you pinpout why you feel the resonance you do? Are there voices now in this decade in thi s moment who resonante in the same way? I guess I am trying to get at the point of your question..which I took to be the intersection between the thoughts we share, the concerns we have, the aspirations have and the art, music and poetry we are attracted to. Wsa your premise that there is such an intersection? Do you see it here so far knowing many of us through conversations, knowing what concerns we share. Do you see that intersection beginning to show itself here?
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          Apr 30 2011: (An updated beat website)

          Indeed many people are beat without knowing it, the problem would be if people want to label themselves beatniks. I do not see why not though, the generation did so much for this country, for music, and for art.

          Those who are realist-idealist, are probably beat.