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why people don't want to be honest?

I just read a news from bbc:Harvard to adopt students honesty pledge.Because I haven't been to abroad.So I don't want myself to judge what is going on with the article I read from internet.

But I do know a lot what is going on in my country:China about cheating.we schools require students to sign"affirmation of integrity" in very important exams.I don't think it is any good idea to keep people with integrity.And more with checking indentity,I don't think it will work any to improve human's integrity.

So I couldn't help asking these questions:where come the cheating?why we want to cheat?is it sth born so? or any we miss for our humanbeing,we do need to pay more attention to?any good idea to keep we humanbeing :when we die,for integrity,we could be as pure as we are born?

Let's come to dig our oringinal integrity out from our deep body?

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    May 15 2014: This is a debate for philosophers .... I am not one. I can only guess. You mention cheating in education as your main focus. Lets look at that for a second.

    The standard is to grade papers and assign a grade such as A,B,C or maybe a 1,2,3 ... these are added and divided to give a GPA and to assign honors. Everyone wants to be on the far right of the bell curve ... in the top percent ... so cheating occurs ... not by all but certainly by some.

    What if we changed the testing method from selecting answer A, B, C, D .. to a true demostration of the understanding by demostration / performance.

    Change the test from list the ingrediants in a cake ... to collect the items necessary to bake a cake and proceed to baking the cake .. present the completed baked and iced cake to the teacher.

    Given the deminsions show all the steps in finding the area of the sample shown.

    Given a auto complete a tune up explaining to the instructor what you are doing and why.

    You get the idea.

    I like application as a assessment. Lets get rid of multiple guess and stop the opportunity to cheat.

    To do this we should look at the value of a compentant / non-compentant system getting rid of grades.

    Be well. Bob.
    • May 16 2014: Hi Dear Robert,Yes,I am being a teacher,keep thinking how I can do better in my teaching job to guide my students live a happy life.But not,sometimes I found cheating happens around rampant...I observe,and trigger my brain to think why...even for me,in some situation,when I am gonna cheat,i am aware of why...So I wonder how you think of it,I always believe sharing can help me develop fast...

      you hit the point in assessment of schools' exams,why we play A B C D game to select as standard exams?does it really can evaluate students' ability?I doubt...

      I totally agree with you:bake a cake to the teacher example..
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        May 16 2014: Things are changing ... what I would have called a lie, cheating, stealing, etc ... are look upon different by todays kids. We are living in a "you owe me society" ... a "what is in it for me society", a "its all about me society". Big government and lots of freebies for no work.

        What would have gotten politicians run out of town and tared and feathered ... is common practice. A president who took advantage of a young girl and had sex with her in the oval office would have seen him out of office and in jail ... is all okay now. Back then the wife would have divorced him and moved out in shame ... now they stay for political reasons ... not love.

        Cheating is only wrong with this generation if you get caught. Morals and ethics are slipping fast.

        So as a teacher how can you improve and make cheating unnecessary ... Grade them as competent upon completing a task ... use the flipped classroom as much as possible ... assign the work and reading assignments then use the class the next day to discuss the work assignment in groups or whole class ... this gives you time for assessment and if the material was grasped and also to correct any issues that need attention.

        Good luck and hang in there. I wish you well. Bob.

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