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why people don't want to be honest?

I just read a news from bbc:Harvard to adopt students honesty pledge.Because I haven't been to abroad.So I don't want myself to judge what is going on with the article I read from internet.

But I do know a lot what is going on in my country:China about cheating.we schools require students to sign"affirmation of integrity" in very important exams.I don't think it is any good idea to keep people with integrity.And more with checking indentity,I don't think it will work any to improve human's integrity.

So I couldn't help asking these questions:where come the cheating?why we want to cheat?is it sth born so? or any we miss for our humanbeing,we do need to pay more attention to?any good idea to keep we humanbeing :when we die,for integrity,we could be as pure as we are born?

Let's come to dig our oringinal integrity out from our deep body?

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    May 14 2014: Hi Edulover:>)
    Perhaps sometimes students in school cheat because there is so much emphasis put on "scores" rather than what is actually learned and assimilated, and I suggest that the "honesty pledge" is to remind students not to cheat?

    I think people are generally honest, and sometimes get caught up in a "scene" where they feel a need to "protect" themselves with dishonestly. I think this happens mostly when folks do not know themselves enough to know for sure what is important to them.

    When we "know" ourselves, the importance of honesty becomes more clear to us as individuals, and lying makes no sense, because there are usually consequences that may not have been carefully thought through. One of the big considerations, may be the consequence to our self. Whether or not anyone knows we lie, we have to live with it our self......wherever we go, there we are with our self.

    In my humble perception, dishonesty would be compromising myself, and that makes no sense to me. We project to the world what we have in our self.....we might as well make it a good "self", and projection of self:>)
    • May 15 2014: Hi Dear Colleen,so glad to have your sharing ideas about the topic here.How can people be aware of dishonesty be compromising myself and projection of self?
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        May 15 2014: Hi again Edulover:>)
        Know thyself.....be mindful....aware of words and actions. I believe dishonesty is a protective mechanism, so one can ask the question.....what am I trying to protect myself from? Why do I want to do that with myself?

        As I wrote in the previous comment...." we project to the world what we have in our self.....".....we have to live with our self, whether or not anyone knows we are dishonest....we know. So we are doing as much damage to our self, as we do to those we are dishonest with. As Carl insightfully reminds us....we are all interconnected. When we are dishonest with others, we are also dishonest with our self.

        I believe we are all connected with energy, we can often intuitively feel when someone is dishonest, so the dishonest behaviors are often empty effort on the part of the person who engages in dishonesty.

        I think/feel that as more people are mindfully aware, there will be less dishonesty, because it serves no useful purpose, other than maybe superficially.
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          May 15 2014: I really like this line of thinking!

          To paraphrase;
          The greater your self-worth, the greater your honesty level will be.
          So to encourage honesty, one most encourage self-worth.

          But! I propose if self-worth becomes arrogance, that you are likely to slip into dishonesty.
          So I have to ponder if in addition to self-worth, if respect for the subject and/or person also plays into how honest you will be. AI: are we more likely to be dishonest with a stranger then a mentor?
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          May 16 2014: "Are we more likely to be dishonest with a stranger than a mentor?"

          This reminds me of a story ...

          There was an aspiring student who went to a certain spiritual master and asked if he could become a pupil. At first the master hesitated to take this person on as a pupil, sensing that he was not yet quite ready. After a short while, the young man again made his request. Finally the master consented. Only then did the pupil admit to the master that he actually had some doubts about himself, saying "I have to tell you, though, that I do not live a good life. I smoke a lot and I often go out and get drunk." "That's okay" said the master. "But it's even worse than that," admitted the pupil, "I also sleep around with many different women, even some who are married." "That's okay" said the master, "just make sure that you do not do any of these things in my presence or with any of my other pupils."

          The pupil thought that should be easy enough, so he agreed to the master's terms. The master gave the pupil a simple practice to begin working with and they parted company.

          A few days later, the pupil returned and the master asked how his practice was going. The pupil reported that he had been doing his practice regularly as he had been instructed. Then he said "And I haven't smoked at all since I became your pupil. The first time I started to, an image of you appeared before me and I couldn't do it. I tried again the next day and again you appeared before me. I threw my cigarettes away. And the same thing happened when I went to the tavern with a friend. I ordered a drink, but when it arrived and I picked it up, once again your image appeared before me and I couldn't take even one sip. And when I looked at the women hanging around the tavern, there was your image again. Now, every time I even think about doing any of these things, there you are before me."

          If one is really a pupil, the presence of the mentor is always felt, even in the presence of strangers.
        • May 16 2014: Hi Dear Carl,the master isn't too horrible?sounds like a ghost,LoL,just joking.
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        May 15 2014: I agree Don, that honesty and self worth are interconnected......well honestly......I perceive EVERYTHING and EVERYONE as interconnected!

        Definition of arrogance is...
        "a feeling of superiority manifested in an overbearing manner or presumptuous claims".

        Genuine self worth (knowing oneself and honestly valuing one self) cannot become arrogance.....can it? I suppose it could lead to a manifestation of arrogance, then it would not be genuine self worth? I think/feel it is another opportunity to recognize and practice balance:>)

        Is one likely to be dishonest with a stranger then a mentor?
        It probably depends on the person, the situation, etc.?

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