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The education system needs to educate the youth more on Entrepreneurship (and how to create jobs)

It's difficult to reduce unemployment when the education system consistently teaches the youth how to look for jobs rather than how to create jobs. As populations increase, more jobs are required. I think the education system (especially in Africa) needs a paradigm shift

  • May 13 2014: I believe the youth would benefit from an deep examination of their continual deference to external authority for their own education. The fact that one relies on a 'system' to educate points to their trapped state. Give up counting on others for your education. Give up your dependence.....or at least examine it. At least question it. Entrepreneurs generally do NOT sit in desks arranged in rows waiting for some adult to impart knowledge upon them. Break the chains of dependence.
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      May 15 2014: That's very true. I never thought of it that way. Thank you very much for your contribution. I'm really inspired by it. Thank you once again.
    • May 29 2014: I'd like to add my point,education also involves the practice of team playing,not just independently.
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    May 23 2014: Often there is a somewhat of a unsteady intersection between education as in the core curriculum and practical business and or teaching of a specific trade. The foundation of great entrepreneurial leadership is often founded in a great understanding and focus of a core education thru college and then only applying it as a leader as a focus of a post graduate education. A focus on leadership as a common theme though out an education program from 9th grade on could very well be a method of creating a generation of well educated thought leaders whose focus is to create businesses in support of their knowledge and underlying educational focus to drive their businesses or institution on the based on creating value. A focus of creating jobs is a start but not one that will create longevity and security. Creating jobs that ad new value to the market with a new service or that create new efficiencies are the ones that will sustain if created as a focus for change and evolution with the marketplace. The paradigm should change but instep with embracing change and with focus on creating value in the marketplace and for the future of the new worker.
    • May 27 2014: Gabriel

      I do not believe that an advanced education is the key to entrepreneurial ability or to leadership success. I would hold that both are innate talents that can, to a degree, be enhanced by the university, but, certainly, not created. History, I believe, bears this out.
      There is only one basic requirement needed for the true entrepreneur and that is the freedom to achieve. As the artist is to a bare canvas, the entrepreneur is to the market place.

      "Entrepreneurs are the great achievers of our society who have the courage, determination and belief in themselves to pursue a dream, to overcome obstacles, to nurture ideas to fruition.
      Lisa Ocker
      Such people are rare, as gold is rare and cannot be created in a classroom. They are or are not.
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        May 27 2014: But without the right tools being set forth in ones education, where does one start without the knowledge to do so. Very often great ideas never take off or are never appropriately fostered because of either the lack of knowledge on how to take them to market or how to bring them into the hands of those that can. What can be taught is how to view opportunity and how to create opportunity for one to open a business and or become a leader. The advice of telling someone that something can not be taught is dangerous to limit ones ability to progress. Becoming an entrepreneur and learning is an educational process where one can be given the foresight to understand what detail is important and what is not. It also can be expressed on the how to and what not to do level, but most importantly, the education that can take place is more based in the liberal art education, where all of the core education pieces and subject matters together help foster students who are critical thinkers and know how to analyze problems objectively. That education is the invaluable for creating an environment with thinking and solutions at the critical level will become creators of new ideas. Those new ideas then can be put into action.
        • May 27 2014: Gabriel

          The true entrepreneur is born with all the tools needed. A university education may assist or not in his development or success. One does not teach creativity or inventiveness however. It is inherent within the individual.
          You might look to the history of the Men Who Built America, Of these five men only one, I believe, had a formal education. To more modern times the Gates, Jobs, and Wozniaks never completed college. College would suffocate such people.
          We can also point to the Romneys, highly educated and accomplished.
          There is no regimented formula for entrepreneurial ability. To assert such is to interfere with the process. Water will seek its own level, from the entrepreneur to the ditch digger--some variations may apply. There are no perfect scenarios, as all are administered by the hand of Man.
          There is no template that must be adhered to. There is no cookie cutter approach or recipe that turns out these people. They are a rare breed and you will not find them coming off the end of an assembly line.
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    May 31 2014: It is a good idea and I think it would be wonderful in the states of the Third World as the ability to work is low. Or countries that provide employment, the learner will gain a good experience to start his work.
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    May 23 2014: Working in the American school system I see first hand that we program our children to be rat racers. Its not about enjoying education and finding what you love and establishing a career.
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      May 24 2014: thanks for your contribution. The same ting is happening this side in Zimbabwe and South Africa
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        May 26 2014: Same here in Mexico, and I think all over the world.
        But, do you guys really think that going to school is the answer?

        I really have friends who does not have a degree and they make very good money. And I have this other friens with a lot of titles hanging on their walls but some of them has no jobs or they just make very few money.

        Im not saying that we have to measure success based on money, or so, but the most of the times this friends really want to make more money or even worst they NEED to make more money and not just want to.

        I dont think entrepeneurship could be teached in schools...
        For example, in India, is very common to see in the stores (clothing, convenience or whatever) that the owner is always in the Cashier, if he has a baby son he is always there just watching how the things have to be done.

        The best way to be educated in it, its to live it.
        • May 27 2014: Said

          I could not have said it better. A true entrepreneur is like a great artist, one is or is not. One must live, eat and breathe business. There is a creative process within the entrepreneur not unlike Monet or Rembrandt. If there is a canvas you put paint on it and if a society you enhance it.
          Education does not make a good businessman or entrepreneur, passion and drive do.Of The great entrepreneurs, Ford, Edison, Carnegie and others, most never saw the inside of a college.
          There is only one ingredient needed to build businesses and that is individual freedom the freedom to achieve.
  • May 22 2014: Schools are just glorified babysitters enabling the majority of us, who are lucky enough to have a jobs, to work for somebody else. Full employment would have a terrible effect on the environment, producing rubbish for the sake of it. What we ought to be doing is reducing unnecessary jobs and spreading the work load of what is necessary by using the technology, or did the Luddites have a point 200 hundred years ago.
    This was a good talk on Education you may wish to look at.
  • May 20 2014: I agree. The system at hand seems to be preparing us too much for the current system. We should also be learning about life skills, creative skills, and problem solving skills. This style of education is already being taught in higher learning institutions today (e.g. the case method at IVEY School of Business in London, Ontario, Canada). This style of a more variable and application based education needs to implemented into all levels of education. Enough with the memorization days of high school. Lets get real and start preparing the youth to be real world leaders. This will be how we drive innovation, job creation, and the reduction of the global debt.
  • May 20 2014: Sure, send them to the factory at age six! Why don't we just call it what it really is "The factory". It is a factory designed by corporations to produce slaves for the corporations. Why would we do this? Oh yea, so we can continue working at the factories night and day so we can afford all the factory output??? What the hell is going on? There is another name for this "child abuse"!
    • May 27 2014: Blame the society too , not just the corporations. And also blame the parents too. The modern day parents are so desperate that if had the power of GOD then they would have made the kids to do graduation the day they are born. Next Day job . Then Next Day marriage . And then the next day babies procreating babies.
  • May 17 2014: Here is everything you need to know about education by a 14 year old:
  • May 17 2014: Thuthukani

    Todays youth are being educated as a collective unit, as opposed to individuals. They are being instructed in the art of submissiveness, as opposed to individual achievement. They are defined, not in terms of what they are or could be, but rather, what the government wants them to be. Children are now, first, global citizens dependent on a central government for direction, and purpose. Children are being geared down, by virtue of drugs, prescribed or otherwise, by a common core educational system that devalues the sprouting capitalist and the values of independence and independent thinking.
    This is in America, so I would think that the situation in Africa where the UN is more visual the problem is more pronounced.
    To create jobs one must be a capitalist. To be a capitalist one must be ready to sacrifice time, energy and money. As the artist sacrifices to paint or to sculpt, to write or to create music the capitalist creates jobs through inventiveness through the ability to see opportunity where others are blind or blinded by the need to control others via a governmental defined good. From jobs come taxes, come a better life.
    For the true capitalist wealth is a by product of the effort, of the creative process. It is the creation that is the driving factor, as a successful artist enjoys the fruits of his talent, the capitalist and many, many others enjoy the fruits of his.
    That is your paradigm shift, from a socialistic mind set to a mind set bent on innovation, invention and creativity.
  • May 17 2014: Hi Thuthukani...

    Same comment on MINDSET again... You need a system that transforms MINDSETS and psychological capital like the LifeShift formula Won Success Ensurance system..

    NO amount of availability of material, training will overcome the wrong MINDSET.


    Tony Dovale
    Author: Rethink Your Success Mindset
    get a free copy here
    • May 27 2014: You are right. But,merely blaming on the MINDSET won't help. You have to also understand that how the mindset is built through years of programming since childhood by the environment and the society.

      To change the MINDSET is not the one hour or one day task . First the old mindset has to be erased and should be replaced with the new one with continuous programming the mind . Just like as the terrorists are programmed.

      Some are born Entrepreneurs and Some have to be programmed.
  • May 16 2014:
    I think that this kind of approach could be helpfull to change the mindset...
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    May 15 2014: train them at what grade level? Maybe the system is too busy trying to give them the basic tools of life. Maybe everyone doesn't have the spirit to be an entrepreneur, what do you think?
  • Jun 4 2014: In today's world education means knowing certain things by certain age. it doesn't resonate with real life.
    Education kills curiosity and prepares us to live a life dictated by society.
  • Jun 1 2014: You are just trying to drive down the cost of entrepreneurs by increasing their supply. What will you do when there are 2.4 billion facebook for sex sites? I ensure you, you will rue this day.
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    May 30 2014: noted. that makes sense.
    I want to make a positive and profitable difference.
    Funds, engineers & builders in that order & I'm done.
    Thanks for the encouragement.
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    May 28 2014: Aristotle once said: Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity. In my opinion, I am absolutely sick of Examination- oriented Education. Many Chinese teachers care nothing but damn high scores. In some way, I agreeThuthukani Ndlovu's proposal. However we also need to find a balance. After all, job is not the only thing in life. We shall learn how to appreciateliterature,art and many other fantastic things. And it would be nicer if some practical courses are added.
    • May 28 2014: Education gives you a foundation for exploring the world and your own life both materially and spiritually.
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        May 31 2014: Education delivers us from ignorance while ignorance breeds prejudice. Well, not sure if you are at leisure, wanna introduce two inspiring and fantastic movies: Mona Lisa Smile& The Normal Heart. I benefited a lot from them.
        • May 31 2014: Lin,thanks for the introduction. See from their titles,I reckon these two movies are expressing pretty profound thoughts,I am very much interested.

          Just avoid of the kind of education,which we call brainwashing, it ingrains prejudice.
  • May 27 2014: I am not sure education will help. Here are the things needed in entrepreneurship imho.

    1. an idea - usually not great but doable and usually stolen (see microsoft, google, facebook, oracle, etc.)
    2. drive, determination - need to get past the 1st into the 2nd product before success
    3. money and time (usually the 1st versions are prototypes and usually need several versions unless you are stealing a known product - see microsoft).
    4. salesmanship - need to sell your product and convince people to buy it. Part of salesmanship which is not pushed in knowing your product and realizing where it will not work. Selling it to a customer and having it fail is the kiss of death.
    5. business sense to control the flow of money - this is something that could be taught but in most cases the CFO of a startup is brought in from the outside with this extertise.
  • May 27 2014: Generally whenever there is a talk of being entrepreneur , then it is perceived as someone who has lots and lots of money and only he can be create an Enterprise..

    Those who want to be entrepreneurs they must first be trained and educated to discover and know their natural resources which are inside them and how to organize these resources and become a enterprise in themselves.

    If a person is not able to discover and know his/her natural resources which is inside him/her and how to organize these resources then he / she will not be able to discover and know the external resources and does not know how to organize them to create an enterprise.
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    May 20 2014: I've got (even if I say so myself) innovative ideas that monopolize and streamline the production of food, fresh water and food also other side products that could be processed of thrown to waste but I'm poor so mean nothing even in Australian society. who do I get into contact with a bank, copyright...who? teach me If you want your ideas to mean something or don't.
    • May 27 2014: If you want to be an Entrepreneur then do not rely on banks in the Initial stages . There is common saying about banks that :

      "Bank lends you the Umbrella when there is no rain, But, moment the rain starts it takes away the umbrella"

      "Bank will only lend you when you will prove them that you don't need it"

      Believe in yourself and keep persisting . Keep working on your ideas . Put them into writing .

      Once you make up your mind to do something then the whole universe comes into action to help you manifest what you want to do. is a good source to know about all the things from becoming an entrepreneur to creating an enterprise.