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Has collecting SSI and receiving education financial aid become the new form of welfare? Has welfare reform just led to new ways to cheat?

I occasionally enjoy watching some of the small claims court shows including Judge Judy and Judge Milian of The Peoples Court.

These judges have a routine of questioning the litigants with regard to their income, marital status, number of children, criminal record and level of education. The answers are so informative as to the state of our young adults’ attitudes with regard to work ethic, sense of entitlement, lack of personal accountability for their lazy behavior and refusal to take responsibility for supporting themselves and the children that they brought into this world.

The litigants are often on section 8, which provides a home that they choose at the expense of the tax payers. Another frequent benefit provides a debit card giving access to cash at an ATM, as well as payment for their groceries. Medicaid is also provided at no cost and prescriptions are free. Some even get free cell phones.

Many cases reveal the litigants own late model vehicles with large payments, no insurance and a suspended license. Many appear wearing designer clothing, expensive handbags and flashy jewelry which seam odd for someone who supposedly has nothing. I have seen them sue for their 70” plasma tv, fur coats, designers bags, gold chains, laptops, I phones, x boxes and other high end items.

When questioned how they obtained these expensive items, I have heard time and time again that they receive benefits from the government in the form of SSI for their children who have been labeled with some form of disability. In addition, many claim that they receive financial aid from the government for attending school. This aid often includes a laptop, as well as a monthly stipend for living expenses.

It appears clear that labeling children to claim SSI benefits as well as applying for financial aid under the premise of taking a few classes have become the new form of living off the system and getting a free ride on the tax payer’s dime. Are these benefits the new free ride?

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  • May 15 2014: The 'have more = take more' fear you articulated is one of the 'hard choices' I was talking about. You're absolutely right that others will try new ways to cheat. Until we as a people are willing to force unpleasant solutions on the Takers the trend will continue. Until we as a people are willing to accept that the current trends will result in revolution we won't try to change. I disagree with your statement that we are becoming more tolerant towards this behaviour - I counter that groups like the Tea Party, Al Gore's success, Radical Islam, and Occupy Wall Street are signs that the limits have been reached. We're pushing back against many of the things that have become 'status quo', barely in time in my opinion.
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      May 15 2014: Martin, Your way of looking at the bright side is wonderfully encouraging. I hope with all my heart that you are right. But in the meantime, I will forge ahead to try to get this message out so that the idea of living off of the system will once again be a choice that is but only a last resort. Best to you.
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        May 17 2014: I would love to think that things are changing and "we" are pushing back as Martin said ... but sadly I can find no evidence to support that.

        Wilson started the ball rolling .. FDR, Elenore (a card carying communist), Teddy, and a host of others kept the push alive ... Liberal, progressive, socialist, communist, policies and the thought that Americans need to move beyond the principals of the founding fathers. Progressives feel that the Constitution must be overcome. To this end Wilson recommended that the preface of the Constitution (that tells of rights) should be done away with and that the government should meet all the needs of the people and that rights be based on social expediency .... essentially that the government will tell you what your rights are.

        To that end Keynesian Economics became the guiding light for the movement .... big government ... no restraints such as budgets .. and thus we arrive at the Nanny Society of generational welfare and 17 trillion dollars in debit and on the verge of a depression and recession.

        Amy, I am old enough to recall that if a setting president took advantage of a youg employee in the Oval Office in the 40's thru the 70's he would have been out of office and maybe in jail if the father didn't get to him first. Yet today Clinton is a role model.

        Little by little from Wilson on we have become programed through the educational system that the Constitution is outdated and natural law is a out of date concept.

        Little hope exists as the people just accepted that Obamacare is a tax .. and that insurance doubled or even tripled and we are finding all the lies associated. That hillary and Michele Obama have joined voices against Boca Haram .. when Hillary refused to put them on the Terrorist List and Obama refused due to political issues in a election year.

        Work ethics, morals, ethics, and pride are rare. What a shame. Your argument is correct of course .. cheating and lying are the norm. Bob
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          May 17 2014: Robert, You mentioned that you were old enough to recall basically when right was right and wrong was wrong and that is so sad. It's wonderful that you saw that it could exist, but sad that it is but a fading memory.

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