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How do we get people who are disengaged, unhappy, and underpaid in the fast food industry to work in ambitious, creative, restaurants?

There is a serious labor shortage in many of the countries best food cities. While the industry is known for low pay and long hours it also offers rapid growth. Even hourly rates tend to be 1.5-2 times better than those of the fast food industry. As I see so many fast food strikes demanding higher wages happening literally a block from a restaurant desperate for staff, I wonder how we can attract some of those workers early on. Restaurant work is certainly hard requires sacrifice but it also offers immense opportunity in a creative and growing field.

Types of Answers can focus around marketing ideas, recruiting, economic development, government programs, compensation strategy, etc.

Thank you!


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    May 14 2014: Marketing ideas:

    We are in the service industry, and that really is the key word. SERVICE.
    Standards and pride for the food we eat are to be celebrated and encouraged in kids and the youth.

    * There is a very large spanish population working in both fast food and fine dining restaurants. They are a very strong workforce, especially the women, who are used to long days in the kitchen. But in most cases, there is a financial, legal and language barrier*


    Participating in local events, like being part of a fundraiser, charity or community activism event. Reaching minorities and exposing them to opportunities.
    Partnering with local public schools for "star chef cooking lessons", where kids get to learn techniques and are given job opportunities for school credit ( electives or home ec), through stages and apprenticeships.
    Culinary school scholarships for student achievements and 6 month externship with opportunity for full time employment.

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