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Can we upload our consciousness to a computer?

Immortality has been a mystery since the ancient times. But can we truly become immortal? The best way is to transfer our consciousness to a virtual platform.
Is it scientifically possible ? or just another vague idea.

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    May 23 2014: Have you ever really thought about consciousness?
    It is only that small bit of information you hold on any one moment. It isn't worth storing in any way, what besides already has been done by memory so any past moment can be reconstructed the moment you live and in a way relive.

    All that memory doesn't reside in your body apart from some meaning your body derived from it to shape a living. Information from dreams and events that had no value for future behavior radiates into a field we share with all life on earth.

    Consciousness is like a mirror that reflects a stream of images, sounds, taste and more that originate from what we think of as outside as well as from the inside which in fact contains all.

    Existence is inclusive, nothing is outside this being we are.
  • May 24 2014: This cannot be done by current technology. Why not? Well, for a start no one truly knows what consciousness actually is. How can you do something which you do not understand or even know how it works. An approach to immortality you suggested can also be a slight variation. You build some fast growing clones of yourself and by the time you reach say the age of 60 or so you transfer your consciousness into the brain of the much younger clone. This of course is also not possible and yet it is certainly now possible to clone a human being. Given this ability it is certainly far more feasible that you could transfer a consciousness from one biological being to another rather than a biological being to a machine which have very little compatibility.
    • May 26 2014: Interesting idea about cloning. But you say the transfer would be unlikely between a machine and a biological being. Why would you say that ? Electric eels should be impossible then? Physiology has a lot of electrical activity going on.
  • May 18 2014: I do it all the time, their called websites or blogs. By the way of the 1700+ comments I have made on here just before they changed the format I copy and pasted them all to a word file on my computer for storage and later references. I also keep online and offline journals of all my ideas that come to me sometimes when I am conscience and sometimes I am not. I keep a couple tera-bytes of information on my computer and have unlimited hosting in a couple of states and countries.
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    May 14 2014: Johnny Atman says:

    Do we really know what Consciousness is, apart from intellectual speculation?
    Every Living thing is endowed with Consciousness for its' own Manifestation. Where there is growth, natural growth - not artificial - there is Consciousness as Manifestation.
    Consciousness is Life; Life manifests in a myriad of forms. Life/Consciousness manifests through the form.
    Life/Consciousness is Immortal, the Form is not. But the Form replicates through the process called Birth which takes place in time thus ending in Death, as Time is a Temporal Manifestation itself.
    What you upload to a computer is a Program, not unlike Thought and Language that programs people through Classical/Operant Conditioning, Only computers cannot have Self-Consciousness because they do not see that one computer is different from the other, and suppose programs contain proper algorithms, computers cooperate. With Humans, it is not so, because we all have a different self-image notion of Self, thus operate differently, and when one attempts to impose its' own program over others, we have strife and conflict. Should we be able to "upload Consciousness" to a computer, we will have pandemonium and havoc in the world of computers.
  • Jun 1 2014: To upload Consciousness into a computer you will first need a computer that works like our brain. To achieve such computing capability increasing speed of the computer dosent mater but like our brain the computer should be able to modify its conection between its structures. Our brain is very plasic in nature our thoughts may have effect on neural connections while such capability is not currently possible with present technology but may be in the future.
  • May 26 2014: Bradley . thanks for a thoughtful reply. . We seem to agree on a lot. I don't see the need to assume that it is a new individual every moment. A great deal of "who we are" is subconscious anyway. Who remembers our pulse rate from yesterday? And we are designed to forget things, especially that we aren't interested in.
    It would seem that the Uploaded C. would probably experience life and change, from then on , but it probably would not think it "was" the previous person., the memories were totally distorted.
    As for the C. Field being "sustained" outside the Brain, I suppose it would be sustained just like the infinite, borderless Electric fields that we are so familiar with. That is exactly what makes them "Basic", just because they cannot be described by more familiar terms or processes.That's why I'm saying that the Consciousness Field should be considered just like that. It solves a lot of problems.
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    May 26 2014: A virtual platform is a human construction. Logic dictates that the created entity is inferior to its creator. Therefore any virtual platform would be unable to reason, as we humans can, "I think therefore I am."
  • May 26 2014: I guess we would have to start with some theory about what Consciousness "is", and how it works. The best theory I have heard of is via the Hindu-Buddhist idea, translated into modern terms, that C. is a basic Field of force in the Universe. Somewhat akin to ElectroMagnetism, and other basic fields of energy in Physics.
    If electricity is a fruitful analogy, it could be said that the electricity that one sees in motors, hair dryers, etc. is not amenable to "transfer" in the sense that you would want. In other words, manufacture an electric device, plug it in, and electricity will show up. But its Ground field, is not really separate from the fields in galaxies, etc. so whether it is the "same" is essentially vague, and always would be. It is a lot like the Buddhist idea of One spiritual field: there is constant reincarnation into temporary "bodies", but although functionally, the individual dies, the "spirit" does not die, as it is part of a field. And not a subdivision that one could measure , or trap, probably. So , by that token, yes, don't worry about Immortality, because we are all already immortal. But don't expect to have much in the way of memories of it when you "die" and get immeidately reincarnated. Vague feelings,maybe.
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    May 24 2014: It is worth a dialogue between two humans
  • May 19 2014: Given the ability to map neuronal architecture and to simulate the reactivity of each neuronal element and replicate the same asscociative changes in reactivity, you would have replicated the purely electronic aspects of consciousness. Next you would need to replicate the numerous, hormonal, enzymatic, dietary, and environmental influences, and then you would likely have a model of consciousness, much as geologists have predictive models of the weather.
    • May 26 2014: Bradley What you say is logical, but may very well be mistaken. Suppose Consciousness turns out to be a Basic energy field in the whole Universe, akin to electromagnetism. So OK , you build , or clone a biological network which might host some "consciousness". It might well be "alive", but don't expect it to have a distinct personality apart from its construction and experience.
      The questioner , I think, was asking if it were possible to preserve an individuals consciousness in some way, but if the field theory is true, then it wouldn't be possible, because the "gestalt" of the individual would be unlikely to survive such a transfer. (not having the appropriate body to house it, for a time)
      And even if it were possible to identify some "packet" of field, as the reincarnation proceeded, a new individual would be produced, on account of having new experiences, and not remembering the old ones.

      • May 26 2014: While a field theory of consciousness is appealing, since the brain's electrical activity does produce a field and field resonance might explain, how friends and family seem to synchronize at a distance, and other fields inpinging on our own might explain the illusion of "past lives"; how would such a field be sustained outside the brain? Oops looks like I'm agreeing with you... OK devil's advocate... Isn't a new individual produced every moment in all of us? Really, how much detail of yesterday do you remember? Our neuron set is finite. New memories are overlayed on the same network. New patterns in associative consciousness become dominant and therefore who we are at that moment. What good would uploading our consciousness be, if it no longer experienced life and change. Would a computer consciousness have the sensation of consciousness?
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    May 16 2014: Not yet!
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    May 16 2014: I don't know of many other products that become that quickly, that fast outdated and totally incompatible to future generations of their own kind than computers, that I don't understand why that would be 'The best way (is) to transfer our consciousness to a virtual platform.' for immortality.

    A single hard-drive crash could wipe you out in a blink of an eye and any backup copy would endanger the very essence of your very and unique individuality.
  • May 15 2014: There are many fantastic science fiction stories that were actually accomplished. But to deal with this question, we would need a far more serviceable idea of Consciousness than the current one. If C. is a product of the Brain, it would seem to be rather unlikelly, since whatever artificial Brain were constructed would fashion its own "life" experiences, so wouldn't end up as much of a duplicate. On the other hand, if C. is a sort of Electric field , like the Buddhists suppose, then a duplicate might be sort of a twin, with a new life starting from a fixed point. Since overpopulation is a problem , why do we need this anyway? As for "immortality", if C. is a field, we are ALREADY immortal.
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    May 14 2014: We must realize that bits are physical manifestations of energy. Each bit has a measurable electrical property. Consciousness has no such property and therefore could not be transferred. We might well be able to duplicate every cell and engram in your brain someday but what you would have is a Xerox copy not another original.

    But in 10,000 years.... who knows?