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How does the presenter impact the reaction to a talk? So how might people's reactions to my talk be different if I was retired military?

I'll be live between 1:00 - 3:00 pm EST. After that I'll jump on each do to react to some of the posts and threads.

ADMIN EDIT: Sam requested we keep this conversation open after the end of his live chat. He will be checking in on this thread over the next couple of weeks to respond and comment.


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    Apr 28 2011: If I may.. Professor Richards.. can you turn it 'round a bit? How do YOU think the impact of your talk might be changed, if instead of say.. retired military insignia, you wore a turbin?
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      Apr 28 2011: Funny that you ask. I have a dishdasha (what you see men in the Gulf countries wear) and I've always thought about giving a version of this talk while wearing it. I'd love to see/hear reactions.
      • Apr 28 2011: Do it! I'd love to see it.
      • Apr 28 2011: I'd love to see those reactions! I lived in the Gulf for a short while (Oman), and traveled back to the States in my dishdasha to see what the reaction would be. Customs seemed to take quite a bit longer than usual...
      • Apr 29 2011: Better than wearing an outfit and risk causing offense, I am disappointed that this TED talk is not translated into at least one Arab language.

        Just as we need translations from liberal Islamic teachers to show a more realistic platform of Middle East opinion than what we are broadcast (and translated) from the Taliban in prime time - so should we provide opportunities for everyday Iraquis (whom don't speak English) to see that not all in the West are war mongering, Jesus botherers.

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