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How "good" is good?

This is really more of an idea, but I didn't know how to choose between them.
How good do you think "good" is?

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    May 16 2014: Good? You feel it when it is!
  • May 18 2014: If good could be named or spoken, it would not be the infinite good. Still, the mind wants to travel there.
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    Lejan .

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    May 16 2014: quite
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    Jun 10 2014: A good luck - bad luck story:

    There was a farmer who lived on his little farm where he, his wife and son tended to their few crops and animals, one of which was their only horse, a fine mare. One day the mare ran off. The neighbors offered their sympathy: "What terrible luck that your horse ran away." "Maybe so, maybe not; we'll see" said the farmer.

    A few days later, the mare returned with several wild horses following her. The neighbors were ecstatic: "What wonderful luck that your horse not only returned but also brought you more horses!" "Maybe so, maybe not; we'll see" said the farmer.

    A few days later, the farmer's son was working with one of the wild horses, trying to break it. The boy was thrown and his leg was broken. Again the neighbors offered their sympathy: "What terrible luck that your son's leg is broken. Now he will not be able to help you and he may be lame." "Maybe so, maybe not; we'll see" said the farmer.

    A few days later, the local war lord sent his men to the village to recruit all the able bodied young men to fight against another war lord. But the son with the broken leg, not being able bodied, was not taken away. The neighbors proclaimed: "How lucky you are that your son has a broken leg and did not have to go to fight and risk injury or death." "Maybe so, maybe not; we'll see" said the farmer...

    Good (or not good / bad) is always relative. There is no objective measure for good, or for bad.

    Good is like some number, say a large positive number. There is no largest number; however large a number you might choose, you can always make it larger by simply adding 1 or more to it. How big is BIG?

    But I don't understand what you are choosing between - good and gooder?
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    Jun 4 2014: well, good for me is either when things are good, or I'm at least fighting to make them good.
  • May 25 2014: I would like to share a short story

    A small kid was playing near the fire . In the meantime a woman cross the sight of kid playing near the fire , she gave a smile to the kid and passed away. Then A second woman crossed the sight of the kid playing near the fire, she came near the kid and played for sometime and after that she went away. Then a third woman crossed the same sight of kid playing near the fire , the moment she saw that the kid near the fire she shouted and screamed at the kid , and she also scolded the kid ,

    Now tell who is the real mother of the kid ?

    This will answer your question that how good is good is ?

    Generally , the concept of good as propagated is such that we should always have to be lovey dovey . Is it so.

    Sometimes a bitter medicine is to be taken and given to the patient for his/her well being.

    Being too good is also a sign of negative quality practically. Being too good means you are timid and Yes Man and you don't have your own self respect.
  • May 18 2014: "Good is when the heart smiles"- Keith W Henline
  • May 18 2014: I like to think things in positive side ,when they are positive and going to the true direction they should be,I couldn't help bravo:Good.
  • May 16 2014: Good/bad are two sides of the same coin.
    How bad do you think 'bad' is ?
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    May 13 2014: Well, without good we are not left with a lot... especially if too good is not really good at all- right back to bad... unless there is at least one good thing about everything... then good would have to out-weigh bad by at least one.
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    May 13 2014: Good is when it/you can not be or do any better.
    Constantly thinking, acting and living for the common good of all life on earth makes you have a good life.
    To me, this means that I try everything I can to use as little of whatever as possible, reducing consumtption and giving back as much as I take.
    It feels good to think for the good of all.