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is it a good idea,making the kids be what we want them to, or allowing them grow to make their choices.

for instance, enrolling the kids into a music school just because we want them to be music stars, buying footballs and sending them to the field just because we want them to be like ronaldo, or obliging them to be in the medical schools cos u wish they will become a doctor, is it a good idea or is better to allow them grow up to make their choices?

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    May 12 2011: I once heard it described this way. All children are rose bushes. The thing is though that some rose bushes are minatures, some are climbers, some are florabundas and some are tea roses. They come in many colours. The secret is to provide each with whatever special support they need and to never expect one kind of rose to be another and to appreciate the very special qualities of each.
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    Apr 28 2011: i think all we need is to help show them the right ways at tender age and allow them take decisions when they must have grown, we dont have to obliged them into becoming what we want especially if they are no longer kids. all they need is support and corrections not obligations.