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what makes you special ??

it's just a question i got in my mind .. away from politics, religions, science, or anything related to that ..
but in my opinion, it's the base of everything .. it's what you makes you who you are .. and knowing your abilities is the first step to success ..
so .. are you a special person ?? or are you just a number in this world's huge population ??

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    Feb 19 2011: "What am I?" The question makes a difference in my life and attitude, because that makes me think and do something better. And that allows me to be special. I think being successful is being curious.
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    Feb 17 2011: I believe that everyone in this world is special, and the thing which makes me special is being myself. When it comes to abilities and success, I think it is all about true belief and good wish.
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      Feb 22 2011: mmm.. I don't think everyone is special in this world . some of us are just a number, just someone who follows what others do .. which is a huge number in societies .. those people I call "passive followers" . people who do not add anything by their existence , nor remove anything by their expiration .
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        Feb 22 2011: Everyone is unique in their own way of existence, 'there are no same people in this world' the same way 'there are no same leaves in one tree'.
        Moreover, I think there is a purpose in existence of every single part of the universe, without that part this world as we know it would be totally different. Even if someone is invisible' in global or some level of sense, things would be different without everyone.
        It is difficult to notice uniqueness in someone, but if it is not visible in a sense, that does not mean they aren't special. :)
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          Feb 22 2011: I guess you are right about that .. I also think that everyone is unique in abilities, talents, gifts....
          but the problem is they haven't discovered it yet .. I mean the owner themselves haven't discovered their abilities yet. otherwise they would use it , no? ;)
          and as you know, when something is not used it fades away slowly until it disappears , same to talents and gifts .. if we don't use them, they disappear .
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          Mar 14 2011: I tend to think that abilities and talents sometimes, for some people, are like potential power expecting to be unleashed and that it depends on the level of exposure one have to challenging ideas, moving experiencies, community empowerment, etc.
          Maybe sometimes we should care about igniting this spark in others: family, classmates, collegues, co-workers, friends, acquaintances, totally strangers like we here ;)
          It could mean going out of our zone of comfort, though I think it pays off in the end.
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        Mar 14 2011: Hello Mohannad,I have to challenge your assumptions about passive followers. Who knows when that moment will arise in a nonspectacular lifetime when a 'special' person will have an idea or say the right words to inspire another or choose to save a child in distress and no one even notices. Don't good followers 'make' their leaders and aren't there many humble people who just are not willing to voice 'what makes them special'?I hope that each person is special to someone who loves them.
  • Mar 14 2011: What makes me special?

    The old phrase "You're unique, just like everyone else!" springs to mind.

    Cynicism aside, I think my main strong point is my ability to analyse a system and very quickly work out what it does. I think I am also talented with systems in general, and gifted with a good imagination. My personality type is ENTP, meaning I like to work things out logically, but am still extroverted. A lot of things make me who I am.

    Also, everyone's special in some way. But one of humanity's greatest problems is complacency.