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Questions relating to uniform spheres and how they would be affected by electromagnetism, and centrifugal force.

so i was pondering this idea but their are a few things i don't get in regards to uniform spheres and their gravity.
First i imagined the universe [empty space where matter can exist] as a rotating sphere the expansion of the matter and energy of the universe was caused by the centrifugal motion of the sphere. this matter would initially be none uniform but eventually be divided equally among the surface of the sphere creating the a uniform sphere with a gravitational force of zero inside the sphere and equal gravity as the initial state [all matter condensed to a single point] outside the sphere. how would electromagnetism effect the uniform sphere? would the centrifugal force increase the acceleration of the matter the farther from the center point of the sphere it got and would this continue on after the uniform sphere was created. if it did continue until all the matter reached the speed of light would it be mass-less? My brain wants the uniform matter and energy to be forced into the center of the sphere thus causing the initial state of the matter and creating a closed cycle. i guess these questions are more theoretical than practical in how uniform spheres react with centrifugal forces. any thoughts are apreciated to help me better understand gravity and other natural forces in relation to spheres.

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    May 9 2014: Do also pose your question on a forum with many physical scientists participating! If you search for physics forums or science forums, you will find some fruitful possibilities.
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    May 8 2014: Great, very provocative questions, honestly admitting - unansewerd yet. What we "know" is about speculations based on our observations, relying only toward our own, most deceiving sense-perceptions of superficial sight. The terms themselves, in physics, still need clarity and careful re-vision. How do we actually "see" "spheres, forces, gravity, or matter? Shall we trust those occasionally rendered images or artificially produced models as if they can give us the world?

    In any case the universe as we see it is not a reflection of anything, but our internally perceived interpretations based on our extremelly limited sense-perceptions. The universe is neither an image of the world, but it desplays for us our own unique experience created from our ephemeral interactions with the world. We cannot pretend that we are objective observers, because we are not.

    I expect that some day, in the future, the new answers to your questions will blow up our postmodern minds.. (Studing thermodynamics in science schools I was wondering about the nature of fundamental laws of physics, but was bitterly disappointed finding no convincing true explanations to the so-called structures of the universe or matter of any sort. My field is new, where we see great opportunities to explain our own nature, before exlaining how we perceive magnetism, gravity, matter, why and how we see spheres etc... )