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What are the benefits of legalizing marijuana in Mexico?

I want to know if there is a benefit of legalizing marihuana, if it is going to create a new health problem?

  • May 9 2014: Well for one you will have more room for "real" criminals in your jails.
  • May 11 2014: Nothing is ever that simple! The main demand is coming from the USA so if you legalize marijuana in Mexico without doing the same in the USA that won’t solve anything. But anyway I don’t think legalization should be a solution.
  • May 11 2014: There is no evidence at all that legalizing M. creates health problems, anywhere. However, it's not Mexico that needs to legalize it, but the US . It is US demand that fuels the whole insane War On Drugs. Having spent a trillion dollars on this since about 1938 , I am still waiting for a shred of evidence that anything useful was achieved to counteract all the great damage it created. Oh, wait: to be fair, the WOD has created , in addition to police employment, thousands of opportunities for polititicians to have their pictures taken at some drug seizure site, thus furthering their careers.
  • May 10 2014: If it were legalized in the USA as well, our jails would be a lot emptier and there would be a LOT less violence.

    When Portugal and the Netherlands relaxed (decriminlized) their drug policies, they noted that addicts were no longer roaming the streets and there was a HUGE decline in STDs - not to mention crime. Overall, it's been a win-win.
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    May 10 2014: legalising cannabis is the only avenue that addresses all of the issues surrounding the product.

    it can be no worse, healthwise, than fast food, junk food, alcohol, cigarettes or cars. if it were taxed, then some of that money could be funneled into healthcare or education about the potential health impacts of the drug.
  • May 9 2014: Health issues can be determined by looking at Colorado, Washington and Uraguay's legalization in a few years. Overall I think you'll find an improvement in health due to MJ being chosen over more dangerous alternatives such as alcohol.

    The real benefit will be in de-fanging the drug cartels that have destroyed Mexico for so long. 50,000+ deaths due to drug cartel violence - thats the same number of deaths as all the American casualties in the Vietnam war.
  • May 9 2014: And people will be able to self medicate using a natural source which can cure many diseases, including cancer, HIV, ms, diabetes, etc...No longer will pharmaceutical companies have a hold on the people. Self medication will be cheaper with fewer (if any) side affects. Mexicans will live longer and there economy will increase due to an increase in tourist population.
    • May 9 2014: Wow, we wouldn't want that to happen because then all "our" tourists would go to Mexico instead of Violent America:)
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      May 10 2014: What diseases are actually "cured" versus managed using marijuana?
      • May 10 2014: Cancers and HIV can be cured. Parkinson's, IBS, ms can be managed better than what current medicins do the job.
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          May 10 2014: I would love to read some actual studies on marijuana curing any type of cancer or curing HIV. Not managing signs or symptoms but actually curing them.
        • May 15 2014: I am inclined to agree with David about managing symptoms instead of curing them, however we do know that stress helps to aggravate and spread cancer. So anything that relieves stress (like MJ) would most likely help at least the symptoms and possibly help the body get healthy enough to fight the disease by itself. I know your a college man but you also seem open enough to at least investigate other avenues to truth. This may interest you:

          Especially this part: all-natural cures for serious illnesses including cancer, herpes, arthritis, AIDS, acid reflux disease, various phobias, depression, obesity, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lupus, chronic fatigue syndrome, attention deficit disorder, muscular dystrophy
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      May 11 2014: You state ..."And people will be able to self medicate using a natural source which can cure many diseases, including cancer, HIV, ms, diabetes, etc.." Please provide some proof of this statement that marijuana has this power.

      Marijuana has been around for centuries and people still have, get, die from these diseases ..... I am confused
      • May 11 2014: Marijuana will not necessarily do too much to help a persons health, but THC hemp oil will. Few if any people currently consume cannabis in this form, but if they did they would then notice the benefits. The reason why its not consumed in this form, is because the cannabis plant needs to go through a reducing process. The oil is more expensive and dealers would not take the risk of creating it. and pharmaceutical companies would certainly not declare its benefits, as it is not patentable and would probably replace up to 75% of currently prescribed medicines.
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          May 13 2014: I disagree. If 75% of the market for prescribed medicines could be achieved then the race would be on ... it is not about your health ... it is about money ... and 75% of trillions of dollars is a plumb worth chasing.

          The pure abstract may not be patentable ... I do not have a clue ... but I bet the lawyers would find a way to slap a patent on it somehow.

          I bet a mom and pop weed store would gladly do the work to market this if the results are as dynamic as you claim and would be able to price it sky high with millions in line.

          Greed wins the day.
        • May 15 2014: Let me help you out a bit Mint. It is called Hash oil and very popular in Turkey. It is made by taking marijuana buds and pressing them similar to the way they press grapes to get wine in sacks until the concentrated oil drips out and is stored in vials. The part that stays solid is cut up into bricks called hash and that product is smoked in hash pipes. The hash oil can be painted on the hash or on a marijuana joint to get more concentrated THC.

          Hemp on the other hand is also in the cannabis family with a very low THC content and has many uses such as rope and cloth. Hemp oil and hemp seed oil is used in beauty and body products from soap to body lotions, it can also be used in lubricants, paints, inks, fuel, and plastics, it should not be smoked, it will make you very ill.

          This topic is about the benefits of Marijuana (cannabis sativa) and there are many however they are just beginning to do serious studies that are truthful so take a look in a few years and we will see marijuana in a whole new light. Right now most of the studies paid for by the government and corporations are grossly slanted or outright lies, paid propaganda to promote Big Pharma, AMA and the Chemical corporations. In other words they are not interested in your health, they are interested in pushing drugs.
          Check it out: