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Why is creative teaching a challenge for many teachers? How can we help teachers embrace the notion of creativity in their teaching?

Creativity seems to be a problem for teachers. Many teachers rely on their own instruction and do not leave room for creativity in their lessons. Why is creative teaching a challenge for new and established teachers? What can be done to change the teachers perspective and make them embrace the notion of creativity throughout their lessons and teachings?

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    Jun 3 2014: I think it is difficult for teachers to be very creative in most schools because of all the requirements imposed on them - and students - based on standards, including standardized testing, and also because of all the administrative tasks they need to fulfill, along with needing to manage a room full of diverse individuals.

    It would be most helpful if the creativity could come from the students themselves. My grandson is in a charter school that utilizes a project-based learning model. It's a brand new school and they're still working on how to make this work for everyone, both students and staff, but it seems to be a good approach to facilitating learning.

    The students come up with projects according to their individual interests. With the help of their teacher/advisor, they need to first produce a description of their project, then they need to follow through with their written proposal, and finally they need to create some kind of presentation about what they have worked on to demonstrate what they have learned from doing it. They do a number of these through the school year.

    Students can also do other things outside of school and receive credit if they write up a report or produce some sort of presentation or documentation about what they did and what they learned from doing it.

    So, it's about allowing and facilitating creativity on the part of the students based on their interests and abilities. The creativity on the part of the teachers is in regard to how they inspire, guide and assist the students through their projects and how they evaluate the final presentations. Because each student is doing his/her own thing, this can be both challenging and rewarding for the teacher/advisors. And, of course, teachers still do need to do a certain amount of administrative and standardized sorts of tasks. And the students still need to take state mandated standardized tests, for whatever they may or may not be worth.