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How do beginner entrepreneurs motivate themselves to keep moving?

There is.far gap between an entrepreneur and an experienced businessman. Every time a new comer has to fight with the already settled business who dissolve the emerging candidate with power. How do one earn to sustain living and motivate self and keep working. Why do we need personal relationship or contacts to get some business why not on the grounds of potential and chance.

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    May 7 2014: You've got to learn to motivate yourself. Persistence is important. If success was easy the world would not be so full of quitters and losers. Nothing good comes easy, and your pursuit is the real proof of your desire.
  • May 9 2014: Some time I feel that I m struggling a lot with no major output still I drive myself to push myself beyond limit.
    However of haven't seen a success yet. I m still determined not to give up.
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    May 9 2014: Motivation comes from with. Every person is going to tell you that their motivator was something different. To become motivated you must understand yourself.
  • May 8 2014: Fear, Belief, and commitment

    1. Fear of failure
    2. Belief you are right and the rest of the world is wrong
    3. Committed to the idea, until the bitter end.
  • May 8 2014: nadia

    I have started several businesses, 60's 70's 80's all but two failed. You must be ready to sacrifice everything, fight everyone. Nothing has changed. There is only one reason to succeed, you want to. Many reasons to fail, you want to.
  • May 8 2014: I have joined ted just a day ago. I m striving to run a business at the cost of my living. I m trapped in the herd of people where I m constantly trying to move ahead. I loose my passion some time and then I need a motivation. Thanx for comments guys.
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    May 7 2014: How do beginner entrepreneurs motivate themselves to keep moving?

    You have to keep foremost in your mind why you decided to be an entrepreneur in the first place. Did you have a product or service that can solve a problem and/or improve your customer's lives?
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    May 7 2014: hey, nadia, how long has your conversation here been on TED conversations? I've only seen it today. If you want to add more time, you can click "edit" and add more time.