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How can we create a support program for teachers who are using the co-teaching model?

- How does co-teaching work?
- How to plan?
- What should the classroom dynamic be like?
- What are the distinct roles of each teacher?
- How do you build a relationship of trust and support?
- What resources are available to co-teachers?
- What texts should a co-teacher read?

  • May 9 2014: Hi Everyone,

    I am an English teacher in New York who has been co-teaching English 9 with the same special education teacher for five years. I am struggling to strike a balance in our relationship in terms of planning, teaching, grading, etc. Any suggestions?

    • May 11 2014: Hi Dear Helen,I am very glad to have the topic you offer here about co-teaching.It absolutely means you are interested in teaching and more you want to have more searching which is about how to teach better.A few years ago,I read a book:"The Courage to Teach' by Parker J Palmer.which about teachers,teaching,learning.There are lots of good ideas about teaching for our teachers.for an exameple:Thinking the world together...