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The real evolution happened to our awareness not our bodies

The ability to create modern tools existed since we exist
What real evolved over time is our awareness of the
Law of physics and chemistry which was installed and configured for us before we arrive and ready to be discovered
why we are able to make modern tools only now?
what was missing before
The raw materials
or the deep relations between these materials (physics &chemistry)
or our awareness of that fact this materials are reshapable into different form of tools which helps us to save our time and efforts
but claiming man was ape this just pure theory which will never be proven
because man was created by GOD

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  • Jun 8 2011: To sum up, get the science of why and try to fix it. Either way, you gain knowledge. As for Eugenics being an issue, only an idiot believes that the actions of the Nazi party is the only expression of eugenics. Get over it, it is the argument that the dinosaurs’ bones are really placed there by satan to trick you into going to hell. Eugenics is a wonderful thing and the complete expression of a conscious mind; otherwise, keep reproducing with out thought or logic… even worse, no regard for the future you destroy.

    I hope you can get past the you, you, you…. Are you ready to kick it up a notch?

    Explain to me how schooling and neoevolution would work best together? If not, this is why Harvey stated to pull out your phones and ignore the rest of the talk. The reality is we are creatures and there are rules to how we work—period! I am here to discuss how we can use these rules and how to improve the overall species. Should everyone be placed on a restrictive diet? Why are some people susceptible to heart attacks? Wow, does that not sound more like a high school science project? Leave the isolation of the gene, and large scale experimentation to the university. In fact, maybe the high school student will become the same college student studying the phenomena.

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