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The real evolution happened to our awareness not our bodies

The ability to create modern tools existed since we exist
What real evolved over time is our awareness of the
Law of physics and chemistry which was installed and configured for us before we arrive and ready to be discovered
why we are able to make modern tools only now?
what was missing before
The raw materials
or the deep relations between these materials (physics &chemistry)
or our awareness of that fact this materials are reshapable into different form of tools which helps us to save our time and efforts
but claiming man was ape this just pure theory which will never be proven
because man was created by GOD

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    Apr 30 2011: prove it?

    why is it not in the hands of the religious groups to prove god to us?

    atleast science attempts to discover and prove where we came from. you ignore science with your narrow mind, then complain about the lack of evidence? you need to think questions through before you post them.
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      May 1 2011: If I manage to notice my narrow mind you forget the narrowest mind
      for the same reason you reject to believe in GOD and claimed there is no evidence while the evidences are over over welcoming but if you choose to close your eyes you can always argue there is no light
      so why you want me to accept man was ape before you prove it first
      the burden of proof is on the affirmative
      People used to believe GOD created man now you came with contradictory idea
      so burden of proof is on the NEW affirmative
      • May 1 2011: Um, the point of the idea is you're both idiots. That is not intended in an offense; however, it is a statement of fact. I have two legs, blue eyes, and a mouth. I do not become offend if someone points it out. I just try to understand what they are communicating. Are you on my wavelength yet?

        To break it down for you, you are my ape. There is an evolution and it does not contradict creation or God. Yet, if you cannot see this simple fact you are inherently an ape as compared to the mind which does. Thus, you are both idiots.

        Back to topic, you (Abdelrahman) asked why we are able to make modern tools only now?
        Can you (both Davie and Abdelrahman) create glass, wine/beer, art, a hiking stick, or "anything"?
        Do you think everyone creates? I believe there are those with the spark to learn and discover; while, others are programed to follow. There is also a healthy mix of programing. Yet, most don't apply an open mind to their own flaws and lack of knowledge. This is a critical notion/talent!

        Therefore, the proof of God is belief in God. A being known as God is all it needs to be. (you can speculate on his or her involvement in the world.) The proof of evolution is the child in a parents arms. If you don't get it you won't. As such, you are the ape to my human. The idiot is the missing link between pond scum and genius!
        Thank you for reading and I hope you understood; moreover, with fond respect,
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          May 2 2011: Jonathan
          you are so arrogant and did not
          added any vlaue to the topic expect of being proud of your self and disregarding other
          wish you can evolve from within to next level and become a real human
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      May 2 2011: "why is it not in the hands of the religious groups to prove god to us?"

      This answer is inevitably that faith is required, that's what makes it spiritual. Or the "look around all this sophisticated life living in harmony" line.
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        May 2 2011: no faith required to believe in GOD just pure Logic
        • May 2 2011: Yes, but the babel fish is a dead give away... Thus, he does not exist. (logic) What is your logic proof? What type of reasoning did you use--deductive?I exist.God created me.God exists?This was a serious question to your statement above.. show me the money!Aside to the other conversation: by the way, breath dude... it is a community of thought. Realize, I stated my argument and you reacted. I will bite any fishing line you wish to case... Just realize, I am not a fish. Make me think or I will get bored of you.And remember before you post, "...I just try to understand what they are communicating. Are you on my wavelength yet?"Post script:By the way, how is Doha? I was only there once... Wow, freaking cranes! I didn't get to explore. However, it seemed booming. I hope you can appreciate an open mind and can put off whatever offense you believe I have put upon you. For my intention is to fine similar minds with dissenting opinions; otherwise, how do you learn what is the false truths we choose to accept.

          @Kris Ho:
          I am unsure if the below is to include me. “think both of you have your 'proof'…” I am still
          waiting for a clear explanation of the argument. I do not deny God or science. Therefore, the explanation of the other peoples' argument is pending.

          In the end, I love your post; however, prove to me it was not God! :)
          I really wanted the debate to be about the evolution of the mind to the current level whereas, other great apes apply tool use skills. Thus, we are not confined to on species when we discuss “modern” things/tools. Moreover, it does not mean all birds are blue jays.
          So, what makes the blue jay different from other birds… and all birds who think they are blue jays may not in fact be blue jays…. Thank you birds big and small! PS:To clarify I am not sure if I am a blue jay or just a bird. Yet, I know there is a difference.
        • kris ho

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          May 3 2011: I think both of you have your 'proof' yet neither will take the time to look at the others book to find it.
          Perhaps this is proof that we are only evolving in our minds, not yet evolved, if grown men can argue the toss with 'prove it, no you prove it' and then go lah lah lah, I'm not listening' like a 5 year old when the other says somthing the other finds distasteful.
          Once upon a time, perhaps when we were furrier and lived in caves, if a man clipped to stones together and made fire, the fire was proof of his ability and a technological breakthrough- yet if we follow the authors argument, it would be man makes fire, and his friend says that was all god's work- prove to me you had a hand in making it.
          I thought the idea of conversations, adn in deed of TED were to bring together brilliant minds from all around the world- a unification of ideas- not me vs you slamming of others.
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          May 4 2011: @Jonathan "Just realize, I am not a fish." You may not be, but according to evolution you were.

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