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Does the application of biotechnology in agroindustry could be solution for malnutrition and lack of biofuels for next generations needs?

New advances in biotechnology reveal how to improve crops growing and selectivity in agronomy production by allowing them from using fertilizers without chemicals, promoting plant grow, transgenics and doing selective breeding in animals, this could help by feeding better the people and farm animals and also producing biofuels by making biodiesel and bioethanol.

  • May 11 2014: From the page linked about the ability of GMOs to end world hunger.

    "Since they are cheaper to grow, increase yields, and extend the time food remains edible, it seems reasonable that GM plants should provide more food to a hungry world. However, it is not clear this is panning out as may have been naively anticipated several years ago. The countries that could benefit most from genetic engineering have actually benefited the least. A 2008 Science article, "Agriculture at a Crossroads" noted that, "The potential of GM crops to serve the needs of the subsistence farmer is recognized, but this potential remains unfulfilled. No conclusive evidence was found that GM crops have so far offered solutions to the broader socioeconomic dilemmas faced by developing countries."

    "Much of the inability of GM technology to provide relief for the poorest nations seems to have less to do with the technology and more with social and political issues."