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Is Technology a correlation or causation of our society becoming lazy with regard to communication and other social skills?

I think technology i.e., texting, internet, social media has taken a toll on society as a whole. Our kids no longer no how to look up a book for research in a library, we no longer know how to carry on conversations ( text is preferred over talking). Communication and social skills are at an all time low and everything is shorthand, symbols and keeping up with family and friends on a web portal.

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    May 7 2014: The future is coming, 24/7 streaming of ourselves to the net = Twitter of the near future. Google glass = the first steps, the next is wearable electronics, with built in 360 surveillance, in both audio and video. The surveillance state & big brother concepts are like small minded thinking in comparison to what is about to turn into reality.

    No one can hide, from billions of people wearing streaming wearable A/V gear, so our current notions of communication will be changed radically within a decade. So if your having a hard time dealing with all this stuff now, then this could be seen as nothing more than old style thinking, trying to deal with the new communication tools the species keeps pumping out.

    See my talk on the Singularity, it makes these concerns pale in comparison.
  • May 7 2014: I don't deny there are great benefits, I'm simply stating that something that is good for us can also become a crutch and I believe technology has done that. It doesn't allow for thinking anymore because in most cases you don't have to and it is truly crippling our society. I think we should regulate them, but not on a societal level. This regulation starts in schools and homes first. Teachers can have students write reports and mandate that the research be completed without the use of the internet occasionally. Parents can make kids read real books, take them to the library once a week or more often. Stop them from being on social media all the time, have periods of family or quiet time with no technology forcing them no to rely on it so much. Starting things like this a young age is best and becomes a part of the person lifestyle.
  • May 7 2014: What about the long list of benefits associated with the internet, social-media, and texting? Should be totally eliminate these things, or are you saying that we need to regulate them somehow?
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    May 10 2014: I must agree with Alan to a point. This is just the beginning. People are communicating more than they ever have. More people are 'talking' to more people than ever. I'm 'talking' to you, and all the other respondents of TED, right now and would never have been able to before I was a 'lazy' communicator. I read more books on my kindle then ever - and I have them all with me at all times to refer to. People are meeting more people face to face through the internet than they would have ever met before. My dear friend, let me offer that we try to see our technological developments as a miracle of mankind, see it as a post-printing press/telephone evolution, and make the very best of it.
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    May 8 2014: all technologies have their limitations and their benefits.

    most digital technology is based around convenience or entertainment and doesn't really offer anything new.

    i don't think society is lazy or hard-working because it consists of billions of individuals, all on a constantly changing continuum of laziness/effectiveness.

    conversations still happen everywhere all the time. texting is writing, which is still on a pedestal.

    libraries are great because you don't have to sift through so much rubbish to find what you are looking for but they are very limited in terms of quantity.

    i don't think communication or social skills are any worse or better than they have ever been.