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Breeding Back the Honshu Wolf

Since 1905, wolves have been extinct in Japan. A unique subspecies of gray wolf, the Honshu wolf was responsible for the control of Sitka deer, wild boar and rodent population. Sadly, it went extinct, due to the introduction of rabies from Europeans. Though it is possible to bring back the Honshu wolf, by breeding breeds of dog to resemble the Honshu wolf, then by selectively breeding the dog to fit the description of the Honshu wolf better(ex: breeding for size, and tail shortness )then separating the dog from it's birth parents and using captive gray wolves to raise it. I will be discussing the breeds that could be used.

Considered Breeds:

*German Shepherd.

*Akita Ina

*Italian Greyhound

*Siberian Husky

Selectively Breeding:

*Breeding for shorter tail length.

*Breeding for thinner muzzle.

*Breeding for smaller stature.

*Breeding for shorter legs

How to introduce:

These wolves could be released on an island in Japan, Sitka deer, wild boar and Japanese serow. The wolves should eventually be weaned from human contact.

Closing Statement from Angelo Scaldaferri

Deer, wild boar and small rodent populations aren't really controlled. Also hunting is less efficient and takes more time and requires more funds.

  • May 6 2014: Just hunt and eat the prey species. Much simpler. Making up a dog breed and play-pretending that it's a "Honshu wolf" is just silly.
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    May 6 2014: I have read that man in his climb to the top of the food chain, eliminated other predators from the local prey species.
    In the north east USA, mountain lions are gone and the local forests are filled with deer. Winter kill is in the thousands and herds invade small town gardens in the spring.
    I am not sure that a concerted breeding effort to attempt to replicate this wolf would be practical or that the resultant animal would react accordingly. Man has not done well in trying to fix his environmental mistakes.
    But, then there are the prey species... maybe a chain of restaurants featuring local fare.
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    Gord G

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    May 6 2014: Obviously these animals aren't Honshu Wolves. It's an ecological romantic contrivance to garner support from the public. Which of course begs the question; Why is it necessary to pander to the public? What's wrong with other methods of culling virulent populations. Is this a solution developed to contravene emotional or perhaps spiritual objection to the slaughter associated with more overt forms of culling?
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    May 6 2014: how are the deer, boar, and rodent being controlled now?