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Can human race be saved from starting yet another world war?

Human propensity to murder and institutionalized murder (war) cannot be curtailed. It is a firm part of the mechanism of evolution which (I believe) brought us to where we are now. If the fruits of evolution are appreciated, so have to be its mechanisms. In for for a pound in for a penny. Trying to switch the "murder gene" off is futile. But can the need to kill/expand/dominate be channelled elswhere? In my opinion in this day and age the human race has that opportunity and in the nick of time what with humanity's recently acquired capability to wipe itself clean off the face of the planet. What if humans directed their insatiable cravings towards outer space? What if the 1% of population possessing the 99% of wealth became involved in a race to conquer and occupy ... Mars? Would this work? Would this allow the majority of the population on Earth to get on with their lives disburdened of dilemmas like, "Is Islam better than Christianity or Jewish faith" or "Is communism better than capitalism" or "Should Ukraine be governed by people allied with Russia or with the USA" or "Are white people wiser than yellow people"? The idea hit me while I was watching this vid