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Nobody chooses the day we are born or the day we are going to die, but what if we could choose the way we die?

Euthanasia means good death and it’s the action of producing death with the goal of ending suffering.
I think euthanasia is a good way to finish the long and unnecessary suffering in hopeless people. Since the Declaration of Human Rights declares that
All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood. Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person. Extracted from:

Why couldn’t we choose about our life? Why would we have to suffer if we know anyway we’re going to die?

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    May 7 2014: When I was young, I thought I'd like to go at the age of 76 after being shot by a jealous husband.
    As I approach 76, I am not longer able to make a husband jealous. So, I am out of ideas.
    I guess I'll let nature take it's course.
    • May 9 2014: I think not being able to make a husband jealous is not a reason to die. you better find a reason to live!
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        May 9 2014: I have found a reason. It is TED conversations. It gives me an opportunity to share the experiences gained over 3/4 of a century. Now some of my experiences are met with scorn, some are disbelieved and (I hope) some have given pause for thought.
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    May 13 2014: The question you ask is hiding something that I think is important: Most people who are in favor of euthanasia, thinks that one should decide about life or death only in extreme cases, where there is brain dead or have a very painful and incurable disease and prefer to press the 'forward button' to the imminent reality.
    But what about those people who are " completely healthy", but still decide that their life has no meaning, no worth or they already did what they had to do in this world ...
    Such persons are not allowed to stop living by choice ; on the one hand we have the religion point of view, that tells us "God gave us life and only has the right to take it away ", for that reason if we decide we do not want to continue living are going against the "law of God" and obviously we'll go to hell (Im not making fun of this, I certainly think that a lot of people, even if they are not religious think about this at some point).
    But on the other hand , we tend to dismiss these people or brand them as "crazy" because " how will it be possible they want no longer live, if you wake up every day, if you have a family, if you have health and a well-paid work" .
    I think, any person has the right to take his own life at the time he or she decided for the reasons that he or she will look the most reasonable (or not), without giving an explanation that others can understand .
  • May 12 2014: It has always surprised me that euthanasia is such a controversial issue. I know that people hate it when humans are compared to animals, but I can't help but make the reference. As humans we feel responsible for our pets lives. When a beloved pet starts to reach the end of its life, we carefully start analyzing the quality of life for that pet. Do they look like they are in pain when they walk? Are they blind? Deaf? Can they control their bladder? Do they require medication to be comfortable? Now all of us have heard of deaf, blind, and "special needs" animals that have all lived long, happy lives. This is true for humans as well. However, when a pet starts to have all of these and is obviously in constant pain, the owner is viewed as cruel if they do not end the pets suffering. Why is it different for humans? Why is it acceptable to be so cruel to each other? I will never understand.
  • May 12 2014: Why does suicide have such a bad connotation? Suicides are people who decided on how they would die and were successful, they should be celebrated for their courage. Certainly suicide is a better option than watching the hospital system do everything in their power to keep people in the hospital suffering and draining bank accounts until there is no more money left or running up a huge debt the family will never be able to pay. Why not just let them go home with enough drugs so they can die in peace with their family, if they so choose. In any case it should be a personal or family decision, not some blood sucking hospital corporation attempting to make money for the stock holders.
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    May 10 2014: You may be interested to watch Terry Pratchett's documentary on this topic, named 'Choosing to Die', which to me was very impressive:

    Terry Pratchett Choosing To Die 2011 Full Documentary
  • May 7 2014: No, "euthanasia" is a weasel word for "killing someone in a way that isn't very obviously painful to an outside observer".

    Who gets to decide who is "hopeless"?

    Likewise, we all know already that we're all going to die. Therefore, we must all be killed immediately to spare us all further suffering!
    • May 9 2014: Euthanasia is choosen by the person who is agonizing and has no hope about about dying, It doesn't mean everybody has the right to choose when to die, because We would be talking about suicide.
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