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Grammar and spell checker will definitely improve the discussions or discourse on TED Conversations.

"Grammar, regardless of the country or the language, is the foundation for communication -- the better the grammar, the clearer the message, the more likelihood of understanding the message's intent and meaning. That is what communication is all about. Recent national and international events make it clear that in the United States today we are lacking in the quality of communication that leads to understanding our fellow citizens and the people of other countries -- and this at a time when better understanding at home and abroad is so necessary."

  • May 18 2014: TED doesn't improve its site... There have been literally THOUSANDS of suggestions for improving TED through the years that TED Conversations have existed.

    All the changes that they've made have been for the worse. There was once a lively debate going on at TED Conversations and posts would always get hundreds if not thousands of comments with deep discussions and thorough debates.

    In the beginning, there used to be truly prominent people on conversations, over half were TEDx organizers and others were speakers and such, as the quality of TED Conversations diminished, the users fled to other places of the web. The biggest discussion group for TED related stuff is the LinkedIn UNOFFICIAL page, it has more than 1000x the people there compared to the official one.

    So yes, while your suggestion is a good one, it will not happen and has been suggested before.

    Here are some o the biggest conversations about improving TED.

    In this last one, the user actually tried to assess all the suggested improvements for TED that has been made. It would seem he was unsuccessful for a number of reasons. Anyway, it didn't help as none of the suggestions ever made for TED by the users have been implemented.

    Here's the (incomplete) table of conversations that suggest improvements.

    Also, you could read through the conversations tagged with "TED Conversations" to get more.

    So yeah, nice initiative but it wont do any good, don't waste your time here trying to fix things.
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    May 17 2014: Francisco, I have also thought that grammar and spell check may allow some of the TED readers who ether do not use English as their 1st language, or struggle with their wording feel more confident to participate in a conversation where they may have a very good idea or suggestion to share. I recently noticed someone using words that appeared confusing, and I suggested to the writer that he prepare his answer on a document, and then cut and paste in order to write with more confidence. It worked, but is tedious. Perhaps pass your idea along in the contact section of this cite and maybe they can make spell check available. Good luck.
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    May 15 2014: Francisco, Valid point. I am a lazy writer and often abuse the language. I do try to review my professional writings and even go over my TED posts ... but often miss common errors.

    One of the places I see errors that cause national issues is at the state department level in our diplomatic relations. I think this is due to political appointments and not utilizing the people who have been trained in the diplo - speak that is so necessary.

    The USA is not only lacking at the state department but also at the executive level. There have been many examples of how we have made other countries upset and have lost allies.

    Having given a wag of the finger ... I also want to give a tip of the hat to all of those who have learned English as a second (or more) language and do a great job of making inputs to TED. I respect their efforts. Thank you.

    Thanks for the time. Bob.
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    May 24 2014: Compose in a program that has both, such as email. Then, "cut and paste."
    • May 26 2014: Why don't they just spend a couple extra bucks and get a responsible one to serve all of us? Your solution is like having one fork or spoon for the whole family, just pass it around:) However, yes, that is exactly what I do only copy and paste, or if I have no idea how to spell a word I find a search engine will do the trick better, like Google.
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  • May 22 2014: Hi Dear Francisco,English is the second language for me,so I am sure there are a lot of Chinglish in my writing here.I am so glad to have the topic you offer here to discuss about Grammar and spell checker.Here I have an idea suddenly:How about Grammar and spell checker here in TED.For me,I expect all of you can correct my wrong Grammar and spelling for me,I do think it is the best way for me to improve my english learning.Thank you.
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    May 15 2014: "Because so many people take good writing skills lightly, people can really gain the upper hand at school, on the job and elsewhere by using correct words, both in spelling and grammar. Teachers are very impressed with students who take the time to correct their errors and turn in papers with great grammar and spelling. Employers appreciate a worker who writes papers without the common errors in grammar and spelling. It's a good feeling to know that by using a spelling and grammar checker, more doors are open to a brighter future."

    "Having good grammar and spelling skills can make a big difference on the job. People don't usually spend enough time proofreading their work, which often backfires on them. Oftentimes, they may not know the damage that comes about by using poor grammar and spelling. However, the bottom line is that others will have negative feelings about them and their company if their words are not used correctly. People will be more likely to succeed at their jobs if they use good spelling and grammar skills. This can make it more likely for them to receive promotions and a raise from their employers." Tom Harel, 10 Benefits Of A Spelling and Grammar Checker

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