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Can diabetes type 2 be prevented with early pharmacological intervention in people with genetic predisposition?

Everyone know that cases of diabetes mellitus are increasing all over the world but what f people with genetic predisposition can prevent it with early pharmacological intervention like the use of metformin that reduce the development of type 2 diabetes and has been recommended by the American Diabetes Association for treating high risk individuals with impaired glucose tolerance. So my question is if this medicine can be use in people with genetic predisposition to diabetes without impaired glucose tolerance yet?

  • May 7 2014: Very bad idea. Genetic predisposition is NOT the same as "will get it and need drugs". Success rates will be far higher if we prevent by means of diet and exercise.
    • May 8 2014: we all know that obesity and physical inactivity are major risk factors for type 2 diabetes because they cause insulin resistance. but the problem is maintaining weight loss and increased physical ctivity over a sustained period of time. At the bbegining of a program some people demostrate impressive weight loss but also follow by significant weight regain despite medical intervention.
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    May 7 2014: how exactly does it reduce the development of type 2 diabetes?
    • May 7 2014: Are you responding to M. Sarmiento or to me?
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        May 7 2014: to her. If you happen to know the answer, Bryan, please share.
    • May 8 2014: typer 2 diabetes results from an interaction between genetic and environmental factors. Sometimes individual with normal glucose tolerance progress to impaired glucose tolerance with insuline rsistance. Progression from IGT to diabetes is also associated with a decline in insulin sensitivity so what metformin does is increase glucose uptake mediated by insulin in muscle and activate insulin receptors and increase glucose transporters