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Expression and recognition of life periods

What do we have to change in our expression and recognition of life periods to make children ask about the drawings their grandparents made as a child for example and why don't we miss that kind of questions?

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    May 16 2014: you could show the children the drawings and ask them if they see anything interesting about the drawings, or what they can learn from the drawings. If they can't think of anything, you could give them little prompts until their ideas start flowing.
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    May 16 2014: This is a great insightful question. I think everyone is busy In their lives to think about these special things. It is parents responsibility to build these expressions into kids.
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    May 16 2014: Hi d c & greg dahlen,

    first of all I must say it is a big fun to discuss across an ocean. There is a lack of parents and grandparents, not a lack of themselves but of their childhood drawings. Maybe I should start to collect them through a news paper? Until then I imagine that children will recognize drawings from other children, even if these are grandparents now. One question could be, to reply to that child with an own drawing ..
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    May 13 2014: Hi all,

    I'm very glad to have this conversation get opened at TED. My profession is drama teaching and the biggest thrill in there is to help an idea making work. This is what I'd like to discuss here, how to empower senses to recognize life periods and people to express their ideas to do better. English is not my mother language, but I'll do my best to understand and go ahead.

    Thank You for taking part ..