i am an engineering student, Lovely Professional University (Phagwara), India

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" Chance " that should be given to engineers who have low grades to prove there inherent ability.

"A Chance" is the opportunity given to students who are not able to gain good grades in college or university. I am an engineering student i saw many of students who have great innovative ideas that can surely change the world but they are not been selected just because they do not have good grades. Students, who have good grades , are selected for any kind of project or research either in technical or social or business profession, but reality what i see is they do implementation on project but with no new ideas instead they use old concepts and ideas which already has created but someone, wherever other remaining students have lots of new ideas because they don't like to implement already old same thing. This mainly happen in India, there are lots of engineers India all of them are not toppers so remaining lots of engineers should get a chance because they may not be as intelligent as toppers but they can be more smarter than toppers in creating ideas that can surely change the future of world as well as India they all should be given a chance in projects and researches to implement new ideas but with using old concept. Investment on these many non topper engineers worth the creation of great change in future