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Is the food we eat killing us?

In the past, food was something that can keep us alive. Now, we have invented various ways to cook food. We enjoy eating. However, we cannot make sure all the food are safe. I don't know whether or not it comes to the same problem in other countries, but it do happen in my country. Some people treat food with harmful chemicals and some use food raw materials in bad quality. So, when I shop in the shopping centre, I sometimes get confused. "Which food can I trust ?" My friends and I always ask ourselves.
Do you have the same problem? If you have, do you have some solutions?


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    May 5 2014: I think today, food now are more slightly safe, because bunch of government departments provide a must examination before the consumer's can buy it. I think the answer of your question is another question to ask, "Do we eat a lot ?"
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      May 5 2014: Food safety is actually a big problem in China.
      • May 15 2014: When the government is a corrupt dictatorship that has no limits on its power, safety will not be important to it. Thus, China.

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