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Why do people who can't have a child prefer to rent a uterus of a woman instead of adopt a child?

Now a days many people can't have their own child because of infertility. But most of them decide to rent a uterus women instead of adopt a child. That is awful because there many homeless children in the world. In that way if the people who can't have a child adopt one, they will improve the life of the child even they will help whit the overpopulation.
I think than that should be punished (talking about the women who rent their uterus) because is not a good way to eran money. It's inhuman to have a child and after they have borned, the mother sell it like a pet.

Closing Statement from Eduardo Avila

GREG DAHLEN - there are many homeless children, but i was talking about PARENTLESS, i don't have any stadistics, numbers are irrelevant, the fact is: if we have al least one parentless chid in the world, that is awful.
Who doesn't have their own children? everyone, but if they are infertile why not adopt a child instead of rent a uterus? in that way many children could fine a love from parents and people will know how to love a child.

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    May 7 2014: eduardo, did you want more time on your conversation, click "edit" and add more time. Right now you have 21 hours. For me to reply to your conversation, I would have to talk to couples who do use the uterus of some other woman and ask their motivation. What do you think their motivation might be? Do you have any statistics on how many homeless children there are?
  • May 7 2014: Superstition.
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      May 7 2014: can you elaborate on what the superstition is?