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Is food engineering a better solution to solve the obesity problem?

Worldwide the statistics about obesity have been rising and I am afraid by the numbers that this problem represents, according to the World Health Organization, worldwide obesity has nearly doubled since 1980. What does this mean? I hope that this trend do not catch up! we have to do something as a society, because I do not think that the food industries would solve this problem just by looking to the statistics and neither do we. So nowadays with all the technology that we have and the information that is available at our fingertips. I have seen that there is a emerging sector called food engineering, which promises a better understanding and development of food, in other words, this discipline would help to create or produce functional food. What do you think about the approach of modify or produce this "quality" food and give it to obese people to control their weight, is this a better way than creating a food culture in our children?


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  • May 4 2014: If you are interested in a diet that God prescribed and the results where some people grew into giants and others lived for several hundred years, then check out this website: http://GodSaid.net
    By the way, this diet worked wonders for thousands of years and keep people healthier than any other time on earth.

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