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Mr. David would like to seek your advice. Being an entrepreneurship student, do you think he should maximize his return or not?

David Jack is a scientist and an entrepreneur from United States. He is running his own pharmaceutical company. He has invested a lot of money and seven years of his life into developing a drug. During these years he faced failures at times but never gave up. Finally after a lot of struggle and hard work, he became able to make the invention. This drug substantially eases the pain associated with tuberculosis. It is a breakthrough invention for the patients. The investors has injected a lot of capital and taken a substantial risk. All of them deserve a good return on their money. He is confused. He is facing a dilemma. If he licenses the drug solely to a drug company than he will receive a big “pay day.” He thinks he is entitled to maximize the profits from the investment and years of efforts he has exerted. He also intends to use the money from this licensing to start new research and development program that could help to invent another new drug. On the other hand, it seems to him that it would be ethically wrong not to make this life saving drug available to the masses at large. He believes that ethically he should involve in a series of licensing (means giving the right to sell the drug to many sellers/ companies) which allows the drug to be sold in third and forth world countries.

  • May 3 2014: Why not?You know in poor countries,always have rich people,those rich people would earn more with your giving.So if you really want to help poor people,to help them in reality of way,Or make sure your giving not for some people get privilege to earn money for themselves but those people they really needed.Thank you.
  • May 3 2014: "as we enjoy great advantages from the inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously." Benjamin Franklin

    "An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."Benjamin Franklin
  • May 3 2014: His problem is different. If drug is TB specific there is a special problem. Most of his customers are very poor in the poor countries where there is no market for expensive drug.

    If he cannot expand its uses, there is no hope. Even giving away is a problem. US base cost is very high. Give it away to third country China or India or Indonesia, etc it might have some hope.

    Charity or profit does not really fit here.
  • May 2 2014: Ethically.