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What are the chances of a female college dropout obtaining the same amount of success as prominent male examples?

The vast majority of viral college drop out success stories are dominated by men. list of "100 top entrepreneurs who succeeded without a college degree" listed only two women who established a successful career in business without obtaining a college degree. It was interesting to see that the list only presented the reader with a 2% success ratio of women to men, but all of the two women were listed in the top ten. Is it just as possible for an ambitious, brilliant woman to establish a billion dollar career without a college degree?

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    May 6 2014: Hi Asiyah, I think it would depend greatly on the reason for dropping out of college. If the woman gets an offer to work for a company that gives her room to grow and opportunities to succeed, then her chances of success would be greater than a man who drops out because he likes to sleep in and play x box all day. I think the stats that you provided are very sad and hopefully they will change over time, after all, 100 years ago a woman CEO was only a myth.
  • May 5 2014: Well drop out does not means that those who have drop out of college have stopped learning.Whether its mail or femail success needs continuous learning.
  • May 2 2014: Increasing.
  • May 1 2014: Success?