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How to use Information technology to revolutionize Human learning capacity

Today the information is every where yet we see that people are still not using it to it max! Using what the technology has to offer is the gate that is going to revolutionize the entire history of learning. We have to learn things as we grow up in order to advance. But technology is advancing faster than our learning speed. Thus, the potential of expediting our learning capacity is essential. That might take many shapes and forms from using computer chips into our minds, clouds to minimizing the use of technology in our educational system.

  • May 3 2014: Hi Dear Mayham,I think learning capacity is easy to stimulate when people find what they are learning useful in life.So no matter what Information technology you try to use,try to know what real ly people they want to learn?
  • May 2 2014: Nobody will be sticking a chip in my mind while I am conscious, free, and not under the influence of mass-media-subliminal-hypnotism.
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    May 6 2014: It is not about how much we know, but about what we apply to benefit humanity.
    Using IT to revolutionanize learning capacity is not something that can be done on a global scale. Some people love being dumb, some just wanna follow trends blindly, some keep learning to bring about improved human condition.
    Indeed some people are already using IT to revolutionalize their learning capacity.
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    May 3 2014: Well, the idea here is can we continue be ahead of technology in our thinking or do we need to use it to enhance and speed up our learning capacity. Take IBM Watson for example, In the game watson download all Wikipedia into his mind in matter of mints!!! It wines the game over the smarts people in the show. Watson was not connected to the internet,however! That is what I mean by how can we use the technology to not only be smarter than Watson but to advance faster.
    • May 4 2014: Maytham, how long is a mints? What do you mean by "wines the game"? Who are "smarts" people?

      We don't know what we don't know.