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Is the singularity inevitable and if so then what's the point?

Capitalism is driving the human race forward technologically speaking, you cannot sell a device that is worse and more expensive than the device that has come before it, generally speaking. This has only one inevitable outcome, A.I. / robots / nano-tech / genetic engineering etc and of course the potential for human extinction or salvation the more these kind of technologies mature.

So the question becomes are we the people just going to fall into this and let the money makers keep telling us all to make more profit and work harder, without speaking out and getting them to see, that this is where it could all end for everyone, including them.

I wrote a free ebook about this over 10 years ago, type heaven or hell it's your choice into Google. It's free so this is not me trying to make money, this is me still continuing a stream of consciousness that has lasted most of my life.

I am a tired older being of 46 years of age and I see things like the UK Government making unemployed people into slaves to a system, with their new Help to work program, that may as well say - your poor - do as we say. Which is like slow boiling a proverbial frog, I see the future they are trying to engineer. Eventually you will have roughly two sides, 1.rich 1. poor, the poor will be micro managed by the rich.

Job skills will be matched to work available in the area you live, the poor will get some kind of electronic message saying do this work or you will get no money this week. This is social engineering on a grand scale, you will have no rights or say so, as you will be fighting a machine running an algorithm.

This is part n parcel of the march towards the singularity, your CV is you, to the machine. You will be monitored 24/7 & your location tracked, if you don't turn up for the work allocated, then they will more than likely know why and punish you financially.

So do we just let this happen, do we even get a say in this Micro managing of the masses, towards a Singularity outcome!


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    May 5 2014: I loved Marvin, so smart and yet so depressed, I can sometimes relate :)

    ALL as you say is an issue and I do understand your point completely, but as I can only generalize in some respects, due to this 2000 character post issue, that I am limited to. Also people get bored so quick with small minded discussions, so you have to go after the largest possible audience (that was my attempt at humor).

    I know that evil people exist (have you met my ex) anyway you have to understand that people are only evil for selfish reasons in general. If we ALL had God like powers, then we would also ALL possibly have God like wisdom = Peace on Earth, just a thought.

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