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Is the singularity inevitable and if so then what's the point?

Capitalism is driving the human race forward technologically speaking, you cannot sell a device that is worse and more expensive than the device that has come before it, generally speaking. This has only one inevitable outcome, A.I. / robots / nano-tech / genetic engineering etc and of course the potential for human extinction or salvation the more these kind of technologies mature.

So the question becomes are we the people just going to fall into this and let the money makers keep telling us all to make more profit and work harder, without speaking out and getting them to see, that this is where it could all end for everyone, including them.

I wrote a free ebook about this over 10 years ago, type heaven or hell it's your choice into Google. It's free so this is not me trying to make money, this is me still continuing a stream of consciousness that has lasted most of my life.

I am a tired older being of 46 years of age and I see things like the UK Government making unemployed people into slaves to a system, with their new Help to work program, that may as well say - your poor - do as we say. Which is like slow boiling a proverbial frog, I see the future they are trying to engineer. Eventually you will have roughly two sides, 1.rich 1. poor, the poor will be micro managed by the rich.

Job skills will be matched to work available in the area you live, the poor will get some kind of electronic message saying do this work or you will get no money this week. This is social engineering on a grand scale, you will have no rights or say so, as you will be fighting a machine running an algorithm.

This is part n parcel of the march towards the singularity, your CV is you, to the machine. You will be monitored 24/7 & your location tracked, if you don't turn up for the work allocated, then they will more than likely know why and punish you financially.

So do we just let this happen, do we even get a say in this Micro managing of the masses, towards a Singularity outcome!


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    May 3 2014: Oh, well. This is all up to us - we shall choose where we are going... as you've mentioned already.

    We are the masses who are creating all these manipulating-our-life-and-mentality problems --- not the capitalistic rich!! These are not at all guilty - it's us!! who let a bunch of small-minded manipulators rule our world. We are too lazy to think for ourselves and too ignorant to make our own choices, or learn how to make our local life more sustainable and meaningless for each of us. All we know is to complain!

    Just imagine, if we all stop buying junk from gigantic manufacturers one day - then do we need a revolution or war against those manipulating systems? The solution is in our own hands - we shall learn how to ignore those who are controlling us. Those who are controlling us ironically depend on us 100% because we provide them with our stupid daily support of their blind consumers or workers/slaves. Cheers!
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      May 3 2014: This sums up a lot:-
      Most people are ignorant by design, not by choice. If we where all educated up to the highest possible standard, then the people at the top would suddenly find themselves under threat and face competition, so it is in the rich and power-full's interest to keep most of us down, in debt and to busy working so as to argue with them.

      I complain, because I know what was done to me, rather than, what has been done for me. Food, water and shelter = a start, but the magicians have stacked the deck so heavily towards us serving their interests that I find my own life to be meaningless. I spent 5 years working as an electrician in a peanut packing factory, everyday I watched 400 women sit on conveyor belt lines, picking up packets of peanuts and putting them on to pieces of cardboard, just so they could be taken out and hung up at places of sale. So the next time you see a packet of peanuts hanging from a piece of cardboard, in your local pub etc, consider this, they where all put on by hand, not by machine.Some of these people had taken the job of packing peanuts on to pieces of cardboard at the age of 16 and have spent over 40 years still doing this job, it drove me insane. Multiply this by the world, Foxcon factories etc and their answer to suicide at their places of work, is to put up nets, not to improve working conditions.

      This world makes me mad, because I try to make others see, that what is going on is stupid and wrong so much of the time, but a profit motivated system is insane, when you see the true human cost.

      What I am trying to convey is a sense of depth to the general ignorance I see all around me. The Singularity is not even a word in the heads of most of the working class, ideology is not even a word in their heads, the human race is about to be catapulted into a new age, very soon and yet I see the masses as largely still asleep.

      I joined TED because I was tired of being told to shut up:)
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        May 4 2014: Never shut up, Alan. Well, we must face this - the majority of people need some leader , even most likely they would not notice what sort of startup leads them. Many of us are incapable to think for ourselves and make moves by ourselves. We have to be pushed. This psychology is the core of our major problems.

        If we were all highly intelligent innovative and knowledgeable we would not need any governments or controlling our existence industries..

        We would be happy to cooperate and co-exist peacefully, among ourselves and with nature.

        This is not the case - nature does not make us all equally bright or talented or fair. Every outstanding talent is struggling, choked in crowds' horrific stupidity, squeezed by those who're moving around blindly and brainlessly. Why? Would need a different topic.

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