David Le

Student, Griffith University

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Hospital/Medical Service Availability App/Service/Website

• Idea summary:
This Application would allow a person needing medical care to view the availability and waiting times at any hospital within a 20 km radius of their location. It could also advise if the hospital was on ambulance bypass so the patient could decide to best option for them. It could be further developed to include details of any medical center that may be available. Information could include private hospitals showing all options available, but would include any costs associated with options or at least a warning that services could or would attract a cost.

• Challenges:
What is the current technology available in other parts of the world as a solution to this problem?
Will the risk of only partial uptake affect efficiency / completeness of the solution?
Have you considered Medicare / medical insurance firms in your value chain?)

  • May 26 2014: David

    Most people are aware of hospital locations and for the most part only go to a hospital, unless being admitted on a doctors orders, for ER care and then the closest hospital is chosen. If a patient is ambulatory certain hospitals are listed for reception depending on circumstance. In the larger metro areas bypass situations can change very rapidly.
    For general information, in choosing a doctor, but then that now, here US, is not necessary up to the patient, one might like that info on hospitals, as doctors are not licensed to practice at all hospitals.