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Obama's birth certificate

Personally I think this whole topic is absolutely ridiculous, but recent polls have shown 1 in 4 Americans doubt the President's origins of birth.

3 questions to guide this topic

1 - Why is it important that the American president be born in America?

2 - Today, the president released his official birth certificate to the public. Why do you think Donald Trump, the Tea Party, and others doubted his place of birth to begin with?

3 - Does racism factor into this attack on the president?


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    Apr 28 2011: This whole discourse is simply the most recent manifestation of the most frustrating sort of "identity" politics. Voters should judge Politicians by nothing but the decisions they make. Sadly we are far, far away from this being a reality.
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      Apr 28 2011: This whole discussion IMO is silly and at first it was hard for me to accept this is the issue on the forefront of people's minds right now. The whole world is sliding off the edge of the cliff and this is what we are caring about?!?! But then I remembered President Clinton's last couple years in office and then it was like ooooh yeah Americans ARE that shallow.
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        Apr 28 2011: Americans watch too much television (4 hours per day, on average). They could be spending these 4 hours per day thinking about what THEY can do to solve real problems in their country. Instead, they sit on their duffs in front of the idiot box and shrink their world to the size of a pea.
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          Apr 28 2011: I agree with that but I have to say when I voted for Obama I truly expected him to be the president that would interrupt these lazy asses while they were watching their Dancing With the Stars to bring them important updates and keep them informed but the only time I have seen him really do that is to present his birth certificate!
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          Apr 28 2011: As a citizen of Florida I would think it is more complex to than that. Considering Florida is one of the poorest states in test and I.Q. I would assume education would create more thinking opportunities

          Consider politicians are now attacking education as a whole. Wisconsin is prime example, it is now to the point where unions are battling a corporation directly. We need these kids better suited to achieve what our forefathers killed men for, they spilledblood for nothing, the Civil war was a waste of a lesson in history class.

          Now I stated for three sources of knowledge from above. Education is crap, we have readers but no thinkers, a fraction of them are on TED right now. That enjoy in-depth conversations and thinking. TED is that. My generation lacks it because all the entertainment is lacking character, allusions, imagery, and all the other good type of entertainment through art/literature.

          English class is structure, grammar, vocabulary (some what), and literature analysis (the most critical kids are thinking arguably). Where is the creativity? Literature is the language of non-verbal expression. If that is structured academically only. We loose the ability to express thought.

          When never having a crazy thought that wasn't drug induced, T.V is sweet. Which is why so many questions are asked on these conversations in which how to get that step of are created here. People want to think about the good stuff, and it usually pertains to people thinking + getting alone + competing to be the best in the process = a happy life. (This is entirely opinionated)

          Cannot have thinkers if we do not teach thinkers, parents

          Today liberal art colleges are where these young people take the big questions on especially around me. But these kids aren't learning to be economics (rarely), they are not law majors (somewhat), but they art majors. Writers and thinkers. (opinion)

          "We are shallow" is a cop out, blame anyone 30 +, they made major decisions, not kids
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          Apr 28 2011: I'm attempting to not shift or place blame on anybody though. The reality is our education system is simply outdated, boring, and above all ineffective. The reason I said Americans are shallow was in the context of what we consider to be priority. I was directly referring to Mister Clinton's sexual misconduct being on the forefront of the American mind for years. This to me is a genuine correlation to Obama's birthplace being on the forefront of the news currently, even though this will pass over much more quickly. It is still the same kind of nonsense the media pushes at us and we just eat it up. Although to be fair, as our occupation in the Middle East trudges on, I think a lot of Americans are gradually waking up to much bigger problems. I think the financial collapse here in America has also opened a lot of eyes to the deep seeded problems that have been building since the Reagan administration. People like Alan Greenspan and these supporters of complete deregulation of financial institutions (including Obama's entire financial staff who's been the same old white, white-haired greedy Wall Street hounds since Reagan) have dismantled America's economy. And that affects the entire world. I think the American media is a corrupt tool of corrupt and greedy corporations and financial institutions. I think it all plays into this system of imperialism and some sort of twisted Orwellian nightmare that we are headed towards, and I think it is up to us to change the direction. That's why you see them trying to lock down the internet because they see a gradual awakening among the citizens and that scares them. So the more they bombard us with useless shit like "Obama may not even be an American according to Trump!", the more they delay the obvious backlash that is surfacing from my generation and coming over the horizon.
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          Apr 28 2011: Ted and TED,

          To be fair to ANYONE in the white house trying to do good on an extreme level. Is in dangerous business, just because you don't hear happy stories of what he is doing does not mean he is doing bad. The news made him a celebrity. "First African American President" his face was around so much for such little things. I recall "fat lip", basketball references multiply times, new dog, daughter/wife this, but never his actual duties, actions, or ideas being publicized. Check into lobbyism to find out why, follow the money.

          A president should be a face with his ideas being dictated publicly as it has been throughout history. Today, not... I challenge anyone to looking up (search engine) Obama term stats and look at the increases, articles, claims, and concerns. A president today is not a law decider, a bill maker, and/or a full decision maker, he is to govern. But a president is not everything in which this government is supposed to be, the people are the ones who are suppose to press the issue, make the issue and see through on the issue. Not fair to judge any president, judge the system, the governs, the laws, the politicians, the lobby(s), the senators, and/or whatever is involved that I am missing.

          JFK r.i.p

          Edited: second message.

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          Apr 28 2011: Well I do study the Obama administration's policies and I have to say his campaign of change that I got behind so far has been a lot of rhetoric. I'm not saying he hasn't done some good things, but some key critical things regarding lobbyists, Wall Street control, ObamaSpace, and ObamaCare I think could use some real work. I do agree that it is up to people to press the issues as you put it, but our government run by the major financial institutions and giant corporations have made it very hard for its citizens to even get a fair say in policy anymore. Surely you have to see that. Even when Americans do speak out anymore, they don't get the treatment that they should as American citizens. Take Halliburton and Encana for instance and their natural gas drilling here in the states. They use this evil "fracking" method that pollutes everything it touches and contaminates water in over 15 (Edited from 20 after I doublechecked.) states with almost no safety regulations installed, with large numbers of Americans being injured and killed by it, and trying to get something done about it but can't because of that corporations overwhelming lobbying power in congress. It is getting to a point where even the protest has died or has been rendered pointless. A president nowadays isn't even to govern anymore, he's to read off the card handed to him and follow directions. It may sound cliche, but he's a puppet. The real people we need to be going against are the few elite people that run a shadow government, get behind closed doors, and really shape the policies that are governing the world. If a ventriloquist is on stage making his doll say "your mom is a whore and you're a piece of shit" is your quarrel with the doll or the master?
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          Apr 28 2011: WE NEED TO PRESS THOSE ISSUES stated in Ted's response at the beginning."lobbyists, Wall Street control, ObamaSpace, and ObamaCare "

          Reread "Ted and TED" address.

          JFK got killed a few days after he wanted to change the money. FACT.

          Think that is an accident? I will probably be 'randomly' terminated due to this statement, if its deleted in the future I am not with this planet anymore.

          (I maybe a skeptical, but how much does free speech really get you in the country besides prison and having your name tied to disgusting acts.)


          I personally am here fighting for the homeland, earth. But if that means making people aware on the problems on a forum site about the "strongest" Nation in the world, then by God as my witness I will do such justice, even if it is minor.

          It's good to vent Ted.
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          Apr 28 2011: Haha and as you can tell I'm not scared to speak out either, so if you see all the Ted posts disappear from TED you'll know they finally got me! I openly post everywhere I can my dissidence about the corruption we face in America. I research and analyze everything I can and the scary part is the evidence is everywhere right in front of our obese, double cheeseburger McChicken munching zombie faces and the majority of us don't care to educate ourselves. It's more important to surf apps on our IPhones and catch Dancing with the Stars. It's more important to watch cats jumping in the air on YouTube and the latest Lil Wayne videos. It's more important to text meaningless shit to people and Twitter about Twilight. We have become complacent willingly. It is sucking the life out of me trying to reach out to people that simply don't want to listen, don't want to think, and don't want to understand the dire shit that's happening here (present TED company excluded of course!). What the hell does it take to get these idiots motivated to get out and do something? How do we reach out to a society that turns a blind eye to what their own country does around the world? And that is the problem with Obama presenting his birth certificate.

          It IS good to vent Nicholas.
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          Apr 28 2011: Make people in public matters STFU because they know you are absolutely right and can argue very little about it. OR Make complex arguments simple with complex logical value that anyone can understand who isn't a politician....

          In public, internet-public, blog, youtube, website, webpage, social networks (facebook), application on iphone, vlog, protest forums, alternative poetry contest (http://www.beatdom.com), TED event (even if tiny and local college), posting this thread anywhere because can read it with out being a member, short cartoon movies about politics (plenty out there), and/or just asking a professor in an art/English class to allow you make a speech for practice.

          Add to the list, need websites from the list, and/or sources.

          I got them.
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          Apr 28 2011: I was just trying to vent there.
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          Apr 28 2011: Who says I was done venting? lol

          At this moment I am taking some of my own advice please do the same!

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