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A global bill that children should be given screening x rays to avoid future complications regarding bone deformities

Can a bill be passed globally that every child right after birth should be given a screening x ray to check any congenital skeletal deformity, i hope such a bill can be passed to avoid future complications in children regarding bone deformities.

  • May 5 2014: No, and I am very glad it cannot. The last thing we need is a world government.
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    May 6 2014: what is a typical bone deformity? Is this issue more important to you than others? Why?
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    May 6 2014: sheher, if you want more time on your conversation, click "edit" and add more time. Right now you have 10 hours.
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    May 2 2014: My wife is a radiographer. Her opinion is that the x-rays themselves could cause problems & that diet & lifestyle are more important. There will, of course, be exceptions to this generalisation, but screening all children would be an overreaction.