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what has been your experience with the dark and ugly side of capitalism?

The "invisible hand" is supposed to "raise all boats" and the "marketplace knows best" are fundamental premises of the capitalist rhetoric.

But like all ideologies that have come down the pike capitalism has a dark and ugly side which its proselytizers never mention or ever want to look too closely at. Namely that its advocates prefer to ignore the proliferation of fraudsters who betray the trust of investors and the gullible, or the hoarders who take wealth out of the system using it to make more wealth or all the criminals who simply take and only give back pain and misery.

In fact, criminal enterprises may well be the most profitable businesses to go into since the principle cost for the criminal is simply time and a very limited amount of energy when compared to the time and effort expended by those they steal from.

Criminals have little to no overhead, are highly mobile and adaptive, pay no taxes on their plunder and, in many cases, fraudsters, swindlers and con artists alike are let off with what amounts to a slap on the wrist if they are ever prosecuted at all while still retaining much of the plunder they obtained. From street corner muggers, to contractors that take the money and run or go bankrupt, to "investment counsellors" who call you back later to say "you lost it all" to some offshore account of theirs.to those employers who enforce slave-like conditions, , honest citizens do not stand a chance against those who have nothing to lose and everything to gain. .

Meanwhile the successful criminals are able to enjoy all the benefits of capitalism while also avoiding any of the responsibility of citizenship or the Law and can simply spend they lives indulging as many pleasure centers as they can as often as they can, ad nauseam. .


Closing Statement from william clegg

here are the highlights:
- disparity in the pay scale and the lack of a living wage
- Major General Smedley Butler " I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism."
- The darkest part of capitalism, as practiced, is that the primary focus is on making as much profit as possible.
- Enter "Merkers Salt Mines" in a Google Images search to see what made the US a superpower.
- the majority of people either don't care about, or aren't willing to pay extra for, coffee which doesn't exploit developing countries.
- It's not only the industrial revolution but capitalism too which are to blame for the massive spike in carbon emissions and the onset of climate change
- When we see real punishment for the evil bastards that hurt others for their own gain without a second thought....that would be good start at making things better
- include money among the gods we have created
- this business model promotes mediocrity through its planned obsolescence of products and services, but it also promotes greed, groupthink, and cut-throat business practices where the primary focus is profit over valuable contributions to society
- Who Rules America" by William Domhoff, sociologist, U Cal, Santa Cruz -
- the decline in wealth of the 99% is an ENGINEERED phenomenon that required a conspiracy of power on many levels

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    May 5 2014: William, Yes there is a dark and very ugly side to capitalism ... In the United States we call it politics.
    • May 8 2014: Bob,

      That is one but business leaders have sold the public down the river, dumping or pure out right stealing - Bernie Madoff comes to mind but there are many others.
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        May 8 2014: Wayne, most of those have the blessing of legislators who endorse laws that allow for fleecing the public ... Martha Stewart went to jail for what Nancy Polsi did and bragged about ... she held her vote .. bought stock in VISA ... cast her vote knowing the outcome and made millions ... look at the billions in stimuluses that have occurred and the money that was quite simply political payback and had not a chance toward success ... "We the People" lost millions on funding GM and perserving union jobs ... political payback for union support. We didn't get to be 17 trillion dollars in debit by making smart investments.

        You mention Bernie Madoff ... the largest ponzie scheme in the world is Social Security .... and that is being raped by politicians also.

        Is there bad private sector "capitalists" ... you bet. Some get away with it some do not ... they play for thousands / millions .... the really big crooks play with "OUR" money in the trillions and protect themselves with laws they make and rake in personal profits ...

        It is common practice to cut the head off of the snake and then the body will die. When curruption is stopped at the top then much of what occurs at the bottom will also dry up like unions and lobbys.

        Reduce the size of government ... get rid of programs that are ineffective and costly ... hold politicans accountable ... return power to the states .. etc ... and save trillions.

        It really is a simple choice ... go after those looting thousands ... or those looting trillions of the "peoples" money. I vote to go after the liberal / socialists elite in office currently raping us.

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