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¿How to change adult professional attitudes?

Consider adults, let´s say 20 years and older, have most of their moral references already established and most of them will act and make decisions base on their already made beliefs. How can they change attitudes for a better world? What it would be the path to follow? If society want them to make better decisions, is it possible?


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    May 1 2014: .

    Just change their invalid happiness.

    (Invalid happiness is out of the valid scope of our instincts)
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      May 1 2014: What exactly does that mean? Everyone has their own personal opinion of what happiness is, and as long as it does not hurt anyone, all happiness is valid. I noticed that your comments almost always mention either invalid happiness or passing on DNA. Do you have any other answers? This question asked about how to change, and changing your consistent answer to everything might be a good start.

      A real answer might be.......to take whatever good values that your young adult may have and cheer them on to keep those values strong. Also, to be there when they seem lost and help them find a direction that will be positive and helpful. Also, to not just put them down when you see something wrong, but to redirect them to something better. And to remember that even as adults, there are temptations around every corner, So, set an example to never lower yourself to those that tempt you and to stay strong in your standards.
      • May 3 2014: What do you call it when you are happy while ignorant of the unhappiness that your happiness causes?
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          May 3 2014: If you are talking about my reply to Ying, you might first want to look at the history of his comments, Regardless of whether they ask for insight, opinion, or advice, they seem to always either refer to passing on DNA, or slamming people for being invalidly happy, which never answers the question at hand. If my pointing out that the majority of the answers say nothing makes someone unhappy, then perhaps their unhappiness is invalid.

          On the other hand, some really great answers may be to refer people to wikipedia or just talk about boredom.
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        May 4 2014: .
        .Thank you very much!

        I think:

        "3. Invalid Instincts

        Invalid instinct is defined here as the instinct used out of its valid scope formed by our ancestors about 10,000 years ago. Almost all of the invalid instincts injure human keeping DNA alive without exceptions.

        Therefore, they are the very cause of almost all kinds of bad things, including crimes.Among them, the invalid happiness and invalid suffering injure people the most.

        Invalid Happiness

        Should our happiness invalid be,
        Very much CO2 emitted must be.
        How much does that amount to,
        90% of the total ought to be!
        Quit the invalid happiness 90%,
        Stop CO2 emission the same %,
        For lowering the global warming,
        Isn’t that a significant. %.

        "(From p 7, https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?cid=D24D89AE8B1E2E0D&resid=D24D89AE8B1E2E0D%21359&app=Word&wdo=1)
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          May 4 2014: Ying, Thank you for trying to provide an explanation.

          Like you, I think that the way of life had higher standards in history. And I also think that people did care more, for the earth, the air and for each other 10,000 years ago. However, we do not live in that era, we live here and we live now. I read your link and it is horribly outdated. It does not reflect this century or even the last.We are not cavemen anymore. Do you still hunt or do you go to the market and use an oven? Woman also work, and some do not choose to have children. Are they never happy? If you do things that are modern and convenient, there is no reason that you should not feel happiness which is very valid if it is in your heart and if you did not cause harm to another. By your definition, if we think of any modern thing that we do as invalid, then there would not be much happiness at all. I think that there are lots of people that can be happy with alternative ways of living that have changed dramatically over the last 10,000 years. The roles of man and woman in marriage have changed as well.

          I agree with you very much that we should be more careful about caring for our earth, our air and each other.

          However, I had just never heard that new ways of doing things referred to by anyone, ever as being invalid happiness.

          I agree that being careless or having harmful behavior or acting without regard for our next generation is bad - is that what you mean by keeping DNA alive? -protecting the earth so that they may enjoy it? If so, keep spreading that message...but you should be aware that the term invalid happiness can be a little confusing about what message you are trying to get across. People have evolved over the last 10,000 years, and if we live in the past, we will miss the present. Your message is lovely but unrealistic.

          And one last note, trust me, that DNA is alive. I never go to to a store or a restaurant without hearing some screaming baby. Happiness is valid and DNA is alive.
      • May 4 2014: "Invalid happiness" and "people get bored" are paradigms-in-progress. Mine is on-topic because I was thinking that people change themselves out of boredom. His is "lost in translation."
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          May 4 2014: If you say so - trust me, yours is also lost in translation. If you are bored with a topic, choose another. Just declaring boredom changes nothing.
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        May 5 2014: Thank´s Amy for sharing your ideas
    • May 4 2014: I like your focus on Invalid Happiness . You are truly spreading a worthy Idea , in the true sense . If people can get programmed through advertisement then you can program the minds through repeatation of you message.
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        May 4 2014: Program the minds???? What kind of sci fi movie is this? People have minds of their own and usually (not always) they are able to figure out for themselves what they want or like and how they wish to live their lives, and should not be victim to any advertisement or "programming" effort made by someone who thinks with tunnel vision. While Ying's point of view and way of life may work beautifully for him, I simply do not believe that it is the norm in the year 2014, while it may very well have been in the year 14. For example, men no longer are the hunters for all food and other things for the home. Sometimes women work, and sometimes they even shop for food. And men can also play a big role in caring for their children. They can nurture them and guide them and love them just the same as the mom does. And there are times in a marriage where the roles must be reversed from where they started 10,000 years ago, as a man may be out of work and need the woman to help out and pull them through such a difficult time. There is nothing wrong with changing roles as the situation requires. To be closed minded as to what role a woman plays (barefoot and pregnant) and what role a man plays (hunter and gatherer) is simply unrealistic.
        • May 5 2014: So, are you suggesting that to be openminded the male should get pregnant instead of a female.

          Well, don't worry . In future there will no females and males , but only neutral creatures.
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        May 6 2014: .
        We can "get programmed ... through repetition" more easily than
        adapt to today's new situation,
        This why we have all diseases of civilization, unsustainability, ....

        Please see also:
        C. Properties
        a. General
        Soul is possessed with an extremely stubborn property and very difficult to be changed, although could be modified difficultly by the process of poly-repetition requiring very long time.
        This is because that to rewrite the instinct and pre-instinct data of a soul is a very slow biological process of growing cells in the brain.

        (From p 7, https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?cid=D24D89AE8B1E2E0D&resid=D24D89AE8B1E2E0D%21359&app=Word&wdo=1)
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          May 6 2014: Okay, as far as the power of suggestion, I suppose if I do see a commercial for chips ahoy fifty times in one day, I may get an urge for a cookie. However, with regard to more serious issues, like marriage, and raising children, I agree with you that we have both natural "stubborn" instincts, as well as support of family and friends (usually) and should not rely on mass media to tell us how to run our lives. We should fight for our free will and try our best to do what we feel is important to us personally, whatever that may be. But I live how I believe and you live how you believe, and that makes nobody feel forced into any other persons agenda.

          So while I read every word of your link, I was shocked at what I considered ancient ways of thinking. Even thinking back to the ways of the 30s or 40s doesn't work perfectly these days as there is a decreased level of trust and kindness between people. There are also people that take advantage of innocent folks that live in the dark ages. So without pressure, you might want to come into the 21st century on a couple of things. For example the stereotype of the roles of woman and men.

          You seem to have some very clear traditions which were passed down through history and you are trying with all your heart to keep those instincts and traditions alive and well. I respect you for that, as in this day and age I don't see very many old world values which are as strong as your own. At the same time, I don't see that level of fantasy either.

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