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Is preschool essential for all students to learn social and emotional skills? Should teachers be directly teaching this type of curriculum?

The debate on making preschool centers public has been frequently discussed in recent years. Researchers have found that preschool enhances students' academic achievement and social competence. Teacher interaction with students also develops appropriate social skills. Social and Emotional Learning curriculum has been implemented in several schools across the country. This curriculum consists of lessons that directly teach appropriate social and emotional skills such as emotional regulation, calming techniques, appropriate interactions, and conversational skills. The question inquires as to whether or not pre-kindergarten placements are essential for building a foundation for these young students during their early childhood years.

  • May 4 2014: Kids in kindergarten need love, compassion and common sense, give them a break. They are going to have 12+ years after that of corporate gestapo tactics to get they ready for the slave market.
    • May 7 2014: I completely agree! The academic curriculum is incredibly rigorous, and they need some time to play! The curriculum referred to above talks about teaching children appropriate social skills (non-academic based), so that they can learn to work well with their peers. Do you think these types of skills should be taught directly? Usually Social and Emotional curriculum utilizes role playing situations, group discussions, and activities.
      • May 7 2014: Elia you are probably asking the wrong guy. I have not studied the education system enough to form any kind of subjective opinions but I keep dragging myself into these conversations so it will be on my list soon. For now I would say do the best with what you got and start thinking about what and how the ultimate education system should look like. Right now I believe the human race has two other situations that are more pressing. 1) a fresh plant based diet and 2) responsibility, everyone needs it, no one wants it. However the best avenue to change is always through the youth.
        When kids come out of the womb addicted to drugs, what happens afterwards is pretty damn predictable and it's not pretty.
  • May 8 2014: Children need to be socialized, starting at an early age. What is needed is also to make sure that bad behavior needs to be corrected. Bullying tendencies start even in pre-k.
    • May 8 2014: Wayne,
      I certainly agree that children must be socialized very early on. We can use social skills lessons to prevent bullying. It is very evident to kindergarten teachers when they have students who do not attend preschool, because they tend to have much more difficulty with the social aspect of school.
  • May 3 2014: Hi Dear Elia,Thanks for offering a very good topic here.Yes,kindergarten teaching should focus on scoial and emotional learning but any special knowldge teaching.But how?So kindergarten teachers are the most important for children...That's why we suggest to give kindergarten teachers the high pay and the high quality of being a kindergarten teachers.
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    May 3 2014: 1) Is preschool essential for all students to learn social and emotional skills? YES

    2) Should teachers be directly teaching this type of curriculum? YES, but there must also be a program to help the parents help their children.
    • May 3 2014: I like the idea of helping parents help their children. Regardless of what is being taught in the classroom, it is always more effective when it is being reinforced at home.
  • May 3 2014: Some kids get more of the right kind of interaction than others. Some don't get any, at home.
    • May 3 2014: That is an interesting point. Recently there was a study done that showed poorer children benefited more from preschool because they usually have more interaction in the classroom then at home.