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The Myth of the box

It is not a philosophical or a complicated theory, it is just too simple idea that nobody seems to see it or understand it, the myth of the box is just one of many false believes that most of people are highly convinced with, to the extent of inevitability. Yet, it is not a complete wrong concept; it is just a huge misunderstanding.
“You have to think outside of the BOX”
I think all of you believe in such phrase, but this is the core of the myth. If you can answer the following question, then you can prove me wrong “Whose BOX is that?”
Who is the real owner of this box that everybody thinks inside it but scientists and philosophers advise you to think outside of it? Do you know the answer?
Yes, yes, you may think that this box is our community’s box, our culture’s box, our environment’s box, or even our tradition’s box. But that still doesn’t answer the core question “Whose BOX is that?”
Just open your eyes to the simplest things ever, “You are a master piece”, you are not like anybody, you have your own DNA, and to the last of these words. You have your own everything, so why you don’t have your own box to think in.
Since I heard this phrase, I only had one question, if I think outside of the box; I just will be lost in big space with zero gravity, so is that a right thing to do?, and then it hit me, I have my own box that nobody seems to have, a lot of other people of safety lovers and traditions worshipers, tend to clone their boxes from others of the same species, just cause they think that if they do the same things they will get the same results, so I am not in a void space, I am in a box also but a unique one.
I am happy with my box; it is a real big one, filled up with dreams, thoughts, good deeds, sins, and every little thing that makes me who I am. My box can be modified, can be updated and can be flexible enough to adapt with the lessons I learn in life.
You have one, everybody has a box, its shape and its direction, are your responsibility, I can talk t


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    May 4 2014: Aser, you start out wondering about "the Myth of the box," and ask "Whose BOX is that?." and then you answer your own questions, which at the same time dispels the "Myth."

    If someone suggests that you should "think outside the box," they are suggesting that you should think outside of YOUR box that you have created for yourself. However, you said "I am in a box also but a unique one. I am happy with my box..." So, apparently you like to think inside your box rather than outside your box, because inside of your box your boxed in thinking tells you that's a good place to be thinking. That's just what our boxes do to us.

    We come into this Life with all of our potentials and all of our possibilities ahead of us. Then we begin to learn limitations. These limitations we learn are the construction materials we use to build our boxes. And, yes, each of us builds a unique box because each of us is unique and we use lots of more or less unique materials.

    Some of our box construction materials we may share more or less in common, based on culture, language, environment, conditions and circumstances, yet we still each respond and react to these influences in our own ways. Other components of one's box may be very unique. But the result is always a box. Or a fence, or horizon or whatever limiting structure you might want to envision it as. And it is indeed self-limiting, self-restricting, self-impeding.

    The good news is that it is also self-imposed, based upon the limitations we have learned. That means we can un-learn these limitations and open up renewed potentials and possibilities for ourselves. This is what "think outside the box" suggests - break down at least part of your box so you can see beyond it. Rise above your limitations so you can see farther - like climbing a tree or mountain or going up in a balloon or plane so your horizon recedes the higher you ascend and you can see farther and wider...

    It's your box, you can do whatever you want to with it.
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      May 13 2014: I really wanted to say something like you did, but my lack of words in english did not permited it. But completly agree with all that you said.
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        May 13 2014: Thank you, Said. So now you did get to say what you wanted to say - more or less - by affirming what I said. May your box grow ever larger ...

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