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I propose that in the future everyone bear their own carbon debts.

Carbon dioxide being one of the major threat of human, affecting the quality of life and our resources. However, such problem never had mind blowing solutions. I suggest that we should introduce personal carbon debts. It can change the habit of people directly. The concept is simple. People are only allowed to create certain level of carbon in their daily live. The debt is to be record by the amount of electricity they spend, fuels they burn and so on. It is more effective to show them how much debt they create, compare with charging extra from the bills. Whenever a person create more carbon debts that he or she should be, he or she need to make repayment. Repayment is not penalty. They can settle their debt by planting more trees, funding a eco-friendly project, buy a low emission car and so on. This seems to be very hard, but it's still certainly achievable.

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    May 23 2014: Mr. Chee...
    I like your idea of planting trees, living with less pollution, etc. But, I question your comment about CO2 as a major threat to humans, threatening quality of life and resources etc. That seems counter intuitive. Now I know there has been ranting by people with questionable mental capacities about the CO2 in the atmosphere. There are pollutants in the air or atmosphere.... smoke, vapors, air borne pathogens that can prove harmful... but CO2? Any school boy who has paid attention in his science class will tell you that unlike animals who use oxygen from the air, green plants use CO2. Paleontologist tell us before the massive die off of the dinosaurs, CO2 was much higher in our atmosphere, Plants grew enormously, and plant eating animals grew to meet their food sources. some 60 feet tall .
    As the CO2 has increased over the last few years, we see more vigorous growth in world jungles and forest. That has to be a good thing. More vegetation can not by any sense be a major threat to mankind.
    There is no carbon debt, that's a straw man ... the use of electricity or other fuels to do work by man is proportional to the number of people using electricity or other fuels. The only sure method of lowering use of electricity or fuels to do work is to eliminate people who do work... I don't believe that you are proposing genocide.
    People will use energy to the extent they need to survive and be successful. To say that they should not use electricity for some rational that doesn't even make sense to a school boy, well that is not going to happen.
  • May 23 2014: I propose we get off this planet as soon as possible, by whatever means necessary. When the possibility exists we can try to repair this planet. Otherwise, any form of conservation is simply drinking from a smaller and smaller pool. It eventually ends with Humanity either dead or without technology, living like monks.

    By all means stop doing stupid things like CFC's, styrofoam or disposable diapers. Find cleaner energy than Coal. Limit population. But a global Carbon Tax is simply a means for some to get rich off of us all.
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    May 13 2014: I propose that we stop proposing and stop waiting and just start acting. Not in the future but now.
    What stops you and me to calculate and minimize our ecological footprints, including embedded emmssions?
    Just do it and tell others to do the same.
  • May 11 2014: Certainly this would lead to a variety of social structures. Joining carbon neutral communities. Carbon bartering etc..
  • May 8 2014: I'm not down with new ways to pay government officials anything.
  • May 1 2014: I propose that in the future, to keep it simple, the world's nations bear their own carbon debts. And we go back to Kyoto to get them settled.