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I am looking for ideas from fellow tax payers on how we can fix the problem with funding public education.

As a teacher there is always the burining question of how we can fix public education funding? I am interested to hear what many of you have to say on this subject.


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    May 15 2014: I am an elementary teacher in a public school in Utah right now. I know that there is insufficient funding.Yes, there are things money should not be spent on but districts are becoming much more budget minded than in the past. Personally I would like to see education funded nationally with decisions taken locally on how best to use the money. I would also like to see more private investment. Federal taxes should be used. If we can spend trillions of dollars on defense, we should be able to spend more money federally on our children, the future of this country.I also believe there should be no good and bad schools but all should be given the funds needed to keep class sizes small ( 20 or less), give teachers better pay for the very important job they do, and provide technology and good resources for the core being taught.

    I also believe the system should be modernized and traditional ideas should be done away with, like long summer vacations.

    Sir Ken Robinson stated in one of his talks that the economy would benefit by trillions of dollars over a ten year period IF we lowered the drop out rate by 50%.Thats how we really pay for public education!

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